I write this with a girl in my bed who is half dead from trying to drink herself stupid. I brought her home last night and tossed her into bed. She’s missing some items so I asked around and the first question everyone asked was did you bang her. Nope. Sometimes you don’t do it because it’s just not right.

Yes I Know Her

For some backlog on this, the girl works at a bar I frequent. She’s on the menu but not generally available because she does other things at the bar. She’s also one hell of a cool chick and can drink and hang with the boys no problem.

It’s not unusual for her to turn up when she’s finished work and have a few drinks with us. She’s not accepted as a working girl. She’s just accepted as one of us and can give and take shit talking with the best of them.

Rare girl working Pattaya that doesn’t play games. She buys her own rounds and if someone buys a round of shots she almost guaranteed to get a round after as well.

This is why she is so accepted.

About Last Night

I did a bar crawl that got messy at the end. I was pretty pissed at that point and was in my usual hangout having a grand time. It’s not normal for me to get that smashed but not eating except some shit Mexican food at around 3 didn’t help.

The girl came in at some point and she was equally as smashed. Everyone was having a good time and someone bought me 4 shots of tequila. I don’t mind good tequila but over here it’s just complete shit. Almost acidic in its taste. So I slammed one shot and got it down. The second shot had me running to the bathroom and spewing it all down the sink. I didn’t full on spew but there was a lot of bile and shit coming up.

I just grabbed a beer and water from the cooler and went fuck you, not paying for it because you all knew I was going to spew that shit up.

About A Girl

It was at this point the girl and I started to flirt because she found it funny I spewed. Plus I was getting horny and she’s a fun girl to hang with. Not a major looker but hell, she’s a great laugh and I have heard a good lay so I was drunk enough to say lets do it.

While flirting I started to sober up because I had mostly water and had gotten some food in me. I noticed the girl was completely smashed out of her mind. In fact, she fell into me and I was like you are done. Let’s go and you can sleep in my room until you sober up.

Myself was also at the point where I knew I was done because I had stuff to do today.

Ready For Bed

We get back to the room and it was struggle getting her up the stairs and into the room. She wanted to get undressed and was so out of it she kept reaching to her back to unclasp her bra. The sad thing was it was a front clasp bra so I unclasped it for her and tossed her a shirt. She was like I sleep naked.

That in itself was not strictly true. She really just wanted her bra off then promptly passed out on the bed. I mean full on face plant.

I got myself ready for bed and killed the lights to pass out gracefully.

No We Didn’t Bang

Once in bed she started to kiss me and stuff and I’m like you are smashed out of your mind. Let’s do this when we are both sober and in a more rational state of mind.

Some may call me a pussy or whatever but sometimes you don’t do a thing because it’s just not right. She was so out of it she would not remember it anyways.

In fact this morning her entire recollection was the previous bar she was in, not where she met me. So I was happy with my choice not to take advantage of the situation.

Do what you like. While I have limited morals I do have my own personal code and one of them is not banging totally wasted women. Not my thing.