This isn’t about me being a prick and making some girl cry. That is far less complicated than reality. Sometimes they cry and you just have to deal with it.

Sad Little Woman

Went and visited my friend at her work. Just to say hello as it had been a few days since I popped in and I was busy. She was a bit down so I figured I show up and cheer her up.

Thais are really good at keeping their emotions to themselves except on Facebook. Then they open up about everything that will draw attention. You get used to it and don’t really bother much with it.

What I walked into was not what I expected.

Just Hold Me

I walked into her bar and she saw me. She took my drink order and got herself one too. When she brought them out she sat them down and I asked her how she was doing. The eyes started to fill with tears.

She stood up and just came over and wrapped me in a hug and started to cry her eyes out. This wasn’t a drama inducing you fucked me over crying. This was I’m miserable and just want to be held.

So I sat there as I tower over her and just held her and let her cry. Just put my arms around her to shield her from as many people as possible and just let her have a good cry.

What Was Wrong

I won’t bore everyone with the whole back story. What I am going to say is that we all forget that they are people and have lives outside of servicing us.

It wasn’t a money issue or family drama in the normal sense. She was upset that she could not be home for Mother’s Day which is a big day here in Thailand. Her kids were sad that she wasn’t home with them and it just destroyed her.

We as mongers forget that many of these women work for their kids. How they had them is irrelevant to us. Bad choices or failed relationships. Point is the kids are there.

For some of them, their selling their asses is to support those kids with the hope that they never have to make that choice themselves. So I could understand her pain in the sense, that she would much rather have been home then sitting in a bar servicing farangs.

Sometimes They Cry

While I am not the most emotive human on earth I do understand human emotions. Sometimes you need to just let someone get their problems off their chest and let them have a cry.

In mongering we dehumanize the women we use to a large degree. We forget they are people with lives outside the bars we frequent. Sometimes those lives are less than perfect and they just need someone to vent to. In the bar, there is no love between the girls. It’s competition for money and anything that can be exploited will.

Keep that in mind the next time a girl is sitting there sad or not having a great day. It’s not all always about you. So if you know her well enough then let her have a good cry. Let her work it out of her system. It might be the best thing you can do for her.