I am sure I had something poignant to write today but honestly I am stuffed from a huge prime rib. So forgiveness in advance if this one sucks.

19 Or 20 Months

To stay focused on the prime rib I haven’t had one in 19 or 20 months. It’s a bitch to get in Thailand and then if you do it’s imported in and a crap shoot if it’s cooked right. Not saying you can’t, just saying it’s a pain in the ass.

When the opportunity came up to have it tonight I jumped at it. Mama Spanky was paying so fuck it, I was all in. I am well sated at this point. Writing is clearly secondary.

Wait There Is More

While I am sure it’s thrilling to wax eloquently on prime rib I also had a visit to the DMV today. I switched from my Maryland license to Florida. So since I was here I got that done today.

It may come as a shock but the experience wasn’t horrible. Trust me, until you have dealt with the Land Transport Office in Bang Lamung you haven’t seen shit. That is insanity personified and I need to go there sometime in the coming months to renew my bike tax and get insurance. I shudder at the thought.

Sitting in an orderly office and waiting for your number to be called and having competent clerks assist you is a novelty. It’s something close to Immigration in Pattaya without the fucktards who clearly can’t follow instructions fucking it up for the rest of us. Least now I can do my 90 day checks online!

So Yeah Poignant

I know I had something to write about but fuck it, at this point it’s a stream of conscience. It has to better than me writing about binge shopping on Amazon. I mean, prime rib and DMV in one post. What more could you want?

Don’t worry Friday and Monday is already planned out. So look forward to that.