Not joking, sick as hell as I sit here and try and write this with maybe 3 hours of sleep and finally a visit to the pharmacy when it opened.

Please Cover When You Cough

The Black Plague as I like to call my illness has been going around. Not sure where I picked it up from but it started last night and was like I feel ok I’ll skip the pharmacy. Wrong move. Miserable night coughing and snot running out of my nasal passages.

When I went to the pharmacy there is a sign in Thai/English saying please cover when you cough. I respect that the pharmacists doesn’t want to catch whatever plague you are bringing in.

Once I purchased quality drugs for little less than $9 US I was out of there and back to room to try and sleep.

Black Plague Will Be Cured

The beautiful thing about Thailand that I have written about before is that you can easily get affordable healthcare here. So I suspect by tomorrow I’ll be back on my feet and able to use 2 nasal passages without leaking mucus.

As for what the black plague is, it’s a chest infection that has slowly worked its way up to my sinuses. I am on some mucus thinning medicine and she also gave me a broad spectrum antibiotic aka, a zpak.

Not overly happy with the zpak but least it will knock the shit out of me.

Off To Bed

While I was supposed to do a ride and some photographing with Scubabum. That got nixed because I need rest more than I need to be on a motorbike riding around taking photos.

So with that, I’m off to bed gentle readers. Have a blessed day. When you read this I will have had 6 hours on meds. Maybe I’ll feel human.


*Update on being sick. It turns out I have a chest infection. Nasty little thing and frankly sucks. I was projectile coughing lung nuggets. Gotta say for being sick as fuck, pharmacies here are amazing, walk in go I’m dying and good to go. While I’m still sick I feel heaps better.