Well Scubabum is here and I am meeting him and another for dinner. He’s calling this his senior tour. Not too much fucking and drinking. Fine by me. With his schedule and mine being very different this is going to be short and to the point post.

The Senior Tour

I haven’t seen Scuba in a few years so will be good to do a senior tour with him. I am looking forward to hanging out with some other people. Not that I don’t like the ones I see all the time, its just need to have a different person around. Plus Scuba isn’t the drinking till dawn type of guy. Used to, trust me, I have done it with him but not anymore.

So for the next few weeks he’s here I’ll be on a different pace than normal which will be good. Will interrupt some of my TV watching but otherwise will be a nice diversion.

Cambodia Bound

I also booked a trip to Cambodia. Will be doing 14 days in Cambodia and leaving on February 1st. Mostly smoking weed but traveling about the country and seeing different areas. Phnom Penh is nice for drinking, smoking, and fucking but the hostess bars wear me out after a bit.

So going to Sihanoukville and Siem Reap also this trip. Will be doing it the cheap, backpacker way and taking the bus to these places, just because I really have no other place to be or be concerned about. So why not go cheap. It will be a nice break from Pattaya and I’ll enjoy it.

Cambodia is different than Thailand but same same on a lot of levels. It’s different enough that I know I’m not in Thailand but same enough that I’m not going to have to deal with a fuckton of cultural issues.

In Closing

So thats about it for this post. Rather boring but I had shit to do and been running around and now need to go meet Scuba and start the senior tour off. Will be good these next few weeks and looking forward to Cambodia.

That ends this short and to the point post.