Picture if you will a expat in a bar. Said expat has. One been home in 24 hours. Shit happens.


I had no idea today was Wednesday. Things spiraled out of control. It started on Soi 6 and now I am somewhere else. Life goes on. Shockingly sober. Just not been to sleep. I like to keep my options open.

So What Now

I am likely to keep on going. Red Bull and the caffeine high is keeping me going. It is what it is. I am now drinking for free. Guess when you spend 12+ hours in a bar you are entitled free adult beverages. Least in my mind.

So This Post Sucks

Look I get it. I suck at times. When I go on benders. I make no excuses. Like I said shit happens and life goes on. Least I posted from my phone. I got that going for me.