I am officially single again. I had her moved out yesterday.

The Start Of The End

I am actually a pretty easy going guy. I generally don’t give a flying fuck what someone does or doesn’t do. However there were signs something wasn’t quite right and at first I ignored them until they were so blatant that I had to deal with them.

She would routinely take forever to get ready in the bathroom. I didn’t think much of it. She would also run errands to pickup stuff that would take several hours. Time being relative in Pattaya I really didn’t pay much attention.

Things were chugging along until I went to take a shit and then I had the proof I was starting to suspect.

She Is An Addict

There I am contemplating the mysteries of women and life because I was alone. She had left for work early which kinda annoyed me but life goes on. While shitting I happened to look and there it was – a homemade meth pipe she failed to conceal under the stuff stored under the sink.

I had my suspicions raised a few times. Blood shot eyes when returning from errands and slightly too manic. I have seen girls on meth or as it’s called – ice over here before. So when I saw the pipe things clicked.

It was then I decided to talk to my friend who had been through a few Thai girl relationships on how best to deal with this. He was like just get her out. You do not want that shit coming back on you and if she gets caught they are immediately coming to you and if she has anything in the condo you are fucked.

I then got a message from her that she was barfined by her friend and they were in the guys room. I was like, yeah, I can guess doing what. Sex I could deal with. Smoking ice not so much.

So message back that I am going home. You got until 2:30 and and if you aren’t back I’m just going to lock you out and take your shit to the bar tomorrow. She showed by 2:15. I was too tired to argue that night and it was too late to throw someone out so I said go to bed and we will talk tomorrow morning.

You Need To Leave

I woke up before her and just laid in bed contemplating how best to handle asking her to leave. She finally woke up and tried to snuggle but I pushed her away. I was like we need to talk.

I said flat out I am asking you to leave. I don’t really care what you personally do. Please understand from my viewpoint that your drug usage if caught by the police is going to come back on me. I do not want that in my life.

She then made useless noise that she could quit anytime. Having been around enough addicts in my life I knew better. I was like no, you can’t quit and we both know it. You smoke every fucking day and you can’t get through the day without it. She just looked down knowing I was right.

No Drama

Much to my surprise there was little drama. Sure there were some tears but she understood my viewpoint. Wasn’t happy but got where I was coming from.

She packed her stuff up, made arrangements to stay with a friend. I gave her some money until she gets paid tomorrow and said I’m sorry it ended this way.

Later that day she messaged me once her numbness wore off and said I was the nicest man she ever met and I did take good care of her. However she never wanted to see me again. I said understood. Problem was I had her clothes from the laundry. So I said just message me and I will take them downstairs when you get here.

We did that without any drama and off she went.

Moved Out

With her moved out I am now single again. To soothe my broken heart I scheduled a trip to Ban Chang tomorrow. Nothing soothes the broken heart by fucking random women. That and the fact I wasn’t emotionally attached. The pipe kinda sealed the deal for me.

Am I sad? Not really. I already said I wasn’t that attached and the fact of the matter is she brought this on herself. I have no interest in trying to redeem her and crusade against her drug usage. Until someone wants to stop they will keep going. I made no attempt to even try.

Moving her out was the easiest solution. I said if you need help in the future let me know. However, you will never set foot in the condo again. I will not have your addiction coming back on me.

So ends the girlfriend. Tomorrow Ban Chang!