Well it’s official. I now have a roommate at Monger Travels HQ. She moved in.

Living With A Thai

First off, I have had extended guests before in Thailand but usually on holiday and it was just a constant party. Living with a Thai is a wee bit different than going out and drinking nightly and coming back to bang.

I am now sure the root cause of poverty is in Thailand. Thais don’t fucking turn off lights. I’m like turn the fucking light off! My electric bill is already over 3000 Baht a month because of aircon! You seem to like said aircon so do me a favor and turn the goddamn lights off if you aren’t in that area!

I also will be fluent in Thai shortly because I now am inflicted with Thai TV more than I ever wanted. In all fairness when she goes to work I have the TV to myself so I don’t bitch but if you have ever watched Thai TV you will want to hang yourself as you mental facilities slowly drain away from the stupidity of Thai shows.

She Can’t Cook

I think I found the rarest of Thai women – one that can’t cook! Her idea of haute cuisine is 7-11. I get it that it’s the pinnacle of drunk food but when you aren’t drunk you really aren’t that interested in it. Even when she isn’t working she wants 7-11. I’m like for fucksakes we can go out and get something to eat or I can cook you something. Just no more 7-11. Last night she came home from work and no shit, had cart food and 7-11. I’m like why didn’t you just stick with the cart food? I quote, ‘Like 7-11’. Fuck me.

We are going to have a food discussion shortly. There is only so many 7-11 hot dogs you can smell before you go no fucking way am I watching you eat that shit again.

It’s Not All Bad

While I may sound like I am whinging a bit the reality is I genuinely like her. After over a year just doing just dalliances I have like having her around. It’s a bit of adjustment from me being a sole survivor to having someone else around. I have to listen to work talk and hear the latest gossip. Even if we aren’t talking such as now, she’s playing with her phone and watching shitty Thai TV, she’s comfortable around me. We don’t need to be engaged all the time.

She is happy to clean the condo and deal with the petty shit that I generally avoid until I have to. Like taking out the recycling, dealing with the small errands, picking up supplies such at toothpaste. You name it, she does all that. Yeah, I know I provide the roof over her head. However, she has a job so while I pay for the small stuff her daughter is all hers. I don’t pay anything in on that. I made that very clear when we first started out. No mother or father alive so I’m good to go there and she doesn’t have much family.

Generally, while I’m sure there will be an argument at some point I am happy. Being domesticated isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be.

What’s Next

Now that she moved in I’m sure there will be additional adjustments as we get used to each other’s habits. Plus side she’s lived with a farang before. Hell, she was in Sweden for 3 months. Apparently that ended in a failure when they came for holiday and he decided to stick his dick someplace else. I just went ok. Neither shocked or annoyed. She kinda has figured out that not a lot bothers me in that regard.

It will be a bit of learning curve for me as I have been a committed bachelor for almost 45 years of my life. It will be interesting but instead of being terrified I find myself relishing the thought of her being around.

So for now and for Lonesome Traveler, I went full retard!