I believe I have a tale concerning sexy schoolgirls and a very wild night at the Butterfly Bar on Soi 6. It’s time to tell the tale of Sexy Schoolgirls Everywhere.

Sexy Schoolgirls Where

I believe the hint was given yesterday about the Sexy Schoolgirl Party. While this happened at the Butterfly Bar most bars on Soi 6 have a theme night periodically to draw in customers and get things going in the bar. So Noddy sent me an invite and of course I came. Who doesn’t like fuckable women dressed up at slutty schoolgirls? If you don’t then you are likely gay. It’s cool, I’m sure boystown will have Sexy Schoolboy Night for you.

Let The Games Begin

I arrived fairly early for my time on Soi 6, getting there around 5:30 after my blowjob from Cake. The bar was quiet and the girls were sitting bored upfront and they didn’t even ask, just went and got me my beer. I had trained them well.

Noddy and I were staring at each other, Noddy more glassy eyed than normal. He informed me I missed the previous drinking festival which I was fine with. I sipped my beer and was content to enjoy my evening.

Next thing I know this man stumbles over to the table and was like drinks now! Noddy just sighed and ordered 3 jagerbombs. Um, ok. Fine by me. Little did I know it was the first of many, I mean many shots to come.

Skirts Off And Titties Out

Slowly the alcohol consumption started to grow. The girls were being fed drinks left and right. Ring the bell to buy everyone a drink in the bar or blow the horn and buy the girls a drink in the bar. It didn’t matter. It was party time.

The first guy that came in demanding shots suddenly start to strip the girls of their schoolgirl skirts which just snapped on. The next thing you know he’s wearing them like loot from a warrior. They were plaid, red and black and slowly he had them around his waist and head. He was Soi 6 Braveheart. Once I mentioned this the phrase:

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our pussy!”

Once all the skirts were collected well next thing you know titties were being pulled out of bras and pictures being taken. The guy kept handing Noddy his camera. There were tits in mouths, tits being squeezed. Tits everywhere!

The girls were posing and shit was going insane and it was only a little after 9 PM.

I Miss You Tilak

One of the little side stories that happened when I was there was a guy barfined a girl out of the bar for 2 weeks. He flew out that afternoon and she was “off”. There were tears and everything.

She lived above the bar and the next thing I know she’s downstairs in her schoolgirl outfit rubbing on another guy that had joined the party. I was asking her what about the love of her life. She said, “I was bored”, I just laughed.

She is 18 and had a spectacular set of tits on her and I had been staring at them all week so I just asked how much to see them. 100 Baht work for you? Of course! So into the back we go and I get a view and a bit of titty licking. The 100 Baht seemed worth it to me.

Girl came back and started to give the guy she was rubbing on a lapdance and eventually was barfined. So much for true love on Soi 6.

On Through The Night

Soi 6 Braveheart eventually tapped out because he was shit faced. The girls are still running around in bras and panties and never put their clothes back on. They figured out more customers come in with them mostly naked then with them wearing something.

The bell and horn kept getting rung. The girls got more drunk and finally 1 AM came around? Did the bar close?

Closing Time

The girls pulled the door to the bar down and the next thing I know there are topless women running around the place. The music was pumping, the girls were dancing and the titties were shaking.

Some guy came in drunkenly and just started dancing with a girl. Another guy was getting a blowjob on the side. The bell was still being rung (by me) and I had girls running up to me pulling their tits it for a view and a lick. They knew what I liked.

We had a bottomless girl at some point with pussies being rubbed.

In all fucking insane.

You Don’t Have To Go Home

Eventually it’s 3 AM and most of us are pissed drunk out of our minds. This includes the girls who had a nice take in both short time barfines and drinks that night. Did we call it a night? Fuck no! Noddy closed the bar and we were going to keep drinking at Showgirls on Soi LK.

Met Noddy there and the fucking party is still rocking.

At this point I ordered a beer and slumped into the seat.

I’m Done

I vaguely recall talking to a few people but I have no idea who. I had smacked the wall and it was near 4 AM. I was like call it a night and head to the room which I did. Still, I get there and try and do a Line hookup with some of the various girls I knew. None answered. They were either drunk themselves or already passed out.

So ended an epic night in Pattaya. Hope to have a million more.