One of the things I have discovered living with Mama Spanky is that I have spoken to her more without a filter. She gets a little bit more of me than she ever thought about. She is getting to see the real me.

Women Of Dubious Virtues

The moment I think it dawned on my Mom was when she was telling me about raids on human the asian massage parlors here. One of the fine readers here tipped me off that this happened.

I pointed out that she drives past them all the time. She didn’t believe me. I then proceeded to point out where they were and how you can tell if they are sketchy or not.

She just looked at me wondering how I knew all this information. Wisely she did not follow up with that question.

You Were Drunk Where

Next time it came up that my life was a bit more than I have let on was going into details in the various seedy venues I have been drunk in.

I have admitted to being drunk out of my skull in whore houses in more countries than I can remember. She ever heard the story of getting lost in La Gloria bar in Tijuana because I was so drunk.

She has figured out that my drinking during some trips were to excess. It also has led me to some grand adventures that didn’t always end well but I did get a drinking story out of it.

Show Me Your Friends

As she has spent time trying to get to know me as a functional adult she has asked to see some of my friends photos. This led to an eye opening experience through Facebook.

While some of you are friends on Facebook let me say that most of you are PG rated at worst. Then I have those friends in Thailand that show everything that goes on in the bars. This includes the girls that work there.

It was a real eye opening moment. I think that she understood at that point what I got up to when I leave the country. That my life was a bit more than I let on.

See The Real Me

I honestly don’t recommend moving back in with your mother as an adult unless you have no choice. While I have been helping her with stuff there are times I wanted to kill her. Sure, she’s your mother and all but what the reality is you are an adult and your parents will never see you as such.

With me pulling back the curtain on my life she has gotten to see the real me. The reality that is the complete Spanky that isn’t the boy she thinks I am. This includes all the sordid shit I get into.