It was the final night in Pattaya. I was fucked out, half-dead, and planned on cruising through a quiet night in Pattaya. What happened? Well two naked women dancing for me, my dick being sucked and a very drunk Aoy. It was the last dance for me.

Wandered In

There was no way I wasn’t going to see Noddy at the Butterfly Bar before I flew home. I had kicked Ja out of my room after she made sure my balls were completely drained. When I arrived it was just me and Noddy and he was doing some work which didn’t involve drinking. So I ordered some food and just chilled out. My well trained serving staff immediately brought me my beer and then served me my food when it arrived.

Shake That Ass On The Floor

During all this two girls were dancing sexy with each other. Not all lesbian but just enjoying the club style music that was playing. The more I watched it the more I was like you know what would be fun? These two dancing naked for me in a private lap dance style scenario. Plus I really wanted to see one naked who we only called New Girl. The other one was called Tooky and I already had seen her naked as she was drunk as shit during the sexy schoolgirl night.

Translation Please

The more I thought about this idea the more I was like fuck it, last night. I may not be able to do anything but this will be fun as hell. It was at this point that one of the relief managers that works with Noddy shows up. He speaks fluent Thai. Noddy already knew what I was thinking so I asked him to do the translations and he was like that’s fucking brilliant.

We called Tooky and New Girl over and he quickly explains what I wanted to the girls. No sex. Just some dancing for 30 minutes or so and then we call it done and you get paid. Deal?

On To The Floor

We agreed on standard short time rate of 1000 Baht each and a barfine and Tooky was going to use her phone for music. Barfine put in my bin and off we go!

Tooky who lives there and New Girl who was staying with her takes me to her room. Tooky made it a point to tell me it was her room. I just went ok. It’s not the first time I have done a deed in a girls room. It’s common for the girls to live above the bars..

Private Dancers

Tooky turned the music on and I stretched out on Tooky’s bed and the show was on. New Girl as no one knew her name was fucking hot. I had to promise no photos or video but shit, I tried.

They start dancing and clothes come off. Fucking New Girl’s tits are amazing. My dick got hard. They are dancing topless and sticking their tits in my face and I’m licking and sucking both girls nipples.

Tooky saw my dick getting hard so she reached down and pulled my dick out and then bends down and gives it a suck. Who am I to complain? Wasn’t part of the deal but fuck it.

Panties Off

Once I had enough titties in my face I was like get nude ladies. New Girl was shy but Tooky being a vet took them off immediately. She gets down in doggy style on the bed and starts to shake her ass and pussy in my face. New Girl see’s this and does the same and soon I have her gorgeous body fully naked. She is bend over and her pussy is amazing.

Tooky starts to get progressively wilder and spins around and she opens her legs and starts spreading her pussy. She tells New Girl to do the same but she is shy so Tooky crawls between my legs and starts to blow me. Again? Who am I to complain?

Face Down Ass Up

When Tooky starts to blow me New Girl finally spins around and starts to spread and show me her pussy. If I had anything in the tank I would have fucked both of them right then and there but even with Tooky blowing me. It wasn’t going to work.

New Girl comes over and trades off with Tooky and starts sucking my dick. Tooky starts dancing next to me and sticking her tit in my mouth and making me fondle her pussy. What surprised me was that New Girl had just started on Soi 6 and holy shit she could suck a dick. I was like damn girl where you learn that?

Dance For Me

They both go back to dancing and shoving tits in my mouth and letting me fondle their pussies. Tooky straddles me and squats on my dick for like a second but she was just teasing. She jerked it off a bit but then started dancing again.

They get back on the bed together and do the spread pussy thing again and I’m pretty sure Tooky was interested in New Girl carnally. She kept trying to reach over and get a feel and New Girl was like no.

My mind thought of possibilities but I stuck to the deal because oh yeah, when they weren’t playing with it my dick would wilt.

Staying Alive

Once I had my fill and I knew New Girl wasn’t going to let Tooky fuck her I was done because my dick was trying to crawl into my body for fear of being used. Tooky offered more but I was like no. It’s not going to work and I see no point in causing me pain.

So we all get dressed and I paid the girls. Tooky asked me her name and I said it. New Girl asked me hers and I was like no idea. My name Anita. HUH? First Thai ever with that name but whatever.

Back To The Bar

We get back down and I ring the bell. Why not? Last night. While I was gone Cake had arrived (which I knew was coming but Noddy didn’t) with her 2 friends and we talked for a bit until one of her friends became obnoxiously drunk and Cake was apologizing for her. She kept ordering shots for Tooky and getting progressively drunker.

Noddy, Cake, and myself were having enough of her drunk friend and Noddy was going to toss her out before she suddenly decided to barfine Tooky. It was Tooky’s choice so she said yes and went off to change.

Aoy Vey

While Tooky was changing Aoy messaged me and said she wanted to see me so I said pay your bar and I’ll pay you back and come on down.

Noddy has a thing for Aoy. I don’t really give a shit as Aoy is her own woman and sure as shit ain’t mine. So when she showed up she was like I remember your friend. Noddy was like give me your info. She did but she told me later she blocked him because he creeped her out. I did tell Noddy and laughed my ass off. He likes a challenge.

The drunk girl was becoming more obnoxious and Aoy wanted to play music on the computer so I was happy to get away and play some music for Aoy who loves to sing along to stuff.

I Can Drink

The girls finally leave with Noddy telling Cake that her obnoxious friend is no longer allowed in the bar if she is drinking. Aoy told Noddy that she can drink most guys under the table so Noddy took this as a challenge. Aoy is like 34 kilos at best and 1.2 meters tall. So shots it was.

Aoy was playing music once I taught her how to use the damn computer and taking shots with me and the boys along with drinking beer. She knocked back 5 shots along with beers and it was apparent she was very drunk.

She wanted to go to Soi 7 and I didn’t want her puking so I said a very warm goodbye to Noody and the other guy and off we went.

Soi 7’ish

The realization that Aoy was beyond drunk was when she argued with me on how to get to Soi 7. Once I convinced her we were going in the right direction we arrived on Soi 7 with her staggering and me holding her up. She hears a song and see’s a baby asleep on the floor in some bar and runs in takes pictures of the baby and orders us beers.

Once her selfie and picture taking of a baby asleep on some beer bar floor on Soi 7 was satisfied she came back to the table and drank her beer and sang songs that came on. She was happy and I was indifferent. I knew the wall was going to be smacked so I let it take its course and ordered another beer.

Stagger Home

We stopped for some food and she went back to her bar to get clothes and I walked up and got her with the food. Get back to the room and make her eat and drink some water and give her tablets for the headache she was going to have. The time was 4 AM and I needed to be up and moving by Noon the next day.

Once food was consumed we shower together; me holding her up. I tossed her into bed and finished up in the bathroom and walked out turning off lights.

You Try Kill Me

Aoy asks me if we are going to boom boom. Considering I had nothing in the tank and she knew that. Plus she was abysmally drunk I said no. So she attempts to put on shorts to sleep in. She was so drunk I had to help her before I climbed into bed.

I reached over and turned off the light on her side of the bed. Aoy’s last words were “you try kill me”. I just laughed kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight.

Was The Last Dance

I have no regrets how my day/night ended. Had great GFE sex with Ja. Had a two girl lap dance that included dick sucking. Hung out with amazing friends and I include Aoy into that.

I could not have been happier. I hope to have a million more in Pattaya in the future.