I believe I have indicated where I live has a fair number of working girls in the building. It’s hysterical to watch around 5 PM rush hour at the security gate with the all the girls riding out on bikes heading off to work.


I was drinking in one of my favorite places and I finally got to get the cashier. I have been after her for a bit and finally she went, lets go!

The details of the encounter are rather pedestrian. I got a BJ and had a good time and we cleaned up and I bought her a drink. Bar was busy by this point so she had to get to work but would sip the drink when she wasn’t clearing bins.

We finally had a minute to talk along with the manager who speaks English. She asked where I lived and I told her. The cashier is like oh I live there but I bet you are in the newer building. Said no, I live in another building. She replied that she lived in the same building as me. She’s on the 1st floor I’m on the 3rd.

Nothing awkward about it. When I see her I just call her neighbor now. Why? No fucking idea what her name is.

What’s It Like

Many of you are now running scenarios of what it’s like living in a neighborhood full of whores. I got good news and I got bad news.

The good news is when they are dressed up for work there is a ton of eye candy to look at if you are sitting in one of the places in the neighborhood. The bad news is for the most part they aren’t turning tricks when they are home.

These girls deal with farangs all the time. The last thing they want is some dude rocking up while they are in the corner shop, picking up their laundry, eating with their friends, or at the pool is to be asked how much for a short time.

Trust me, I have seen them give a look of you aren’t there which is the clear indicator to fuck off. If the idiot persists he will generally be told to fuck off which is funny for those of us watching.

This isn’t to say you can’t bang them. You just need to be discrete about it, show some tact and then arrange things when it works for both of you. Sometimes you need to think with something other than your dick.

Rush Hour

The mass exodus at 5 PM matches up about what goes on in this town. Nothing really starts moving till later. Which is why I wake up so late.

If you are up earlier you can easily get around the town. Once 5 PM hits it’s rush hour because those that cater to mongers are starting to get moving to head to work. The vendors that cater to the girls such as clothes, shoes, food, and miscellaneous shit start hitting the road too. Mongers are in the same boat unless you are a total piss head and head to the nearest bar to get blasted and maybe get it up long enough to bang a daytime fugly.

New Life New Hours

Now that I am settling in I would not trade this for much of anything. The rush hour time has changed, I no longer sit in traffic for an hour or pay some stupid amount of money to walk to work.

Living in a place full of working girls and fellow degenerates is just life now. It is what it is and nothing more. I’m sure some would call it dysfunctional and distasteful. Me? I call home.