To be honest I am running out of ideas to write about. I’m running on empty right now.

Not Going Out

I think one of the biggest changes in my life is I rarely venture out these days unless I have a reason or am bored. The boredom will generally lead to a binge and I’ll wake up either my room or on a bar table with no clear idea how I got there.

To be honest, going out gets tedious after a bit. I am always happy to meet up with a friend for a chat and a beer but generally I’ll bag out after the session and just go home. There isn’t much incentive to stay out. It isn’t like I don’t have ready access to girls, I can literally ride the elevator down and walk out the front door and there are doable girls there. If I’m too lazy for that then there is always Line.

Now that it looks increasingly like I have a new roommate I doubt even that will happen.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

I think having lived here for over a year now I’m overly familiar with the scene. There isn’t a lot that excites me anymore. It’s not like diamond in the rough hunting because I know most of the bar areas and know what I’ll find. Plus after a bit the whole bargirl hustle gets old quickly. I shut them down by speaking Thai as fast as I can because I don’t want to deal with them. If I am out with mates I’ll tolerate it but I usually don’t participate in buying lady drinks unless I’m genuinely interested.

Bar hopping gets boring because you see the same shit different place. So after a bit it’s like the TV or reading a book sounds like a better option than going out. I know that this may be anathema to some of you but walk a kilometer in my shoes and live here and then come talk to me. Trust me, most expats that aren’t working in the bars don’t go out. You get tired of it.

Rainy Season Doesn’t Help

One of the other joys right now is that it’s rainy season. That means the odds of it pissing down are strong. Considering most forms of transportation in Pattaya is a motorbike that means getting caught in it just sucks.

Even more fun is that it’s been raining at night. The heavens open up between 10PM and Midnight. You generally get a massive storm that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. If you are in Pattaya if it pisses down long enough you are guaranteed to flood. If you aren’t familiar with Pattaya, lets just say it’s not the cleanest city in the world Walking through knee deep water with trash and other detritus floating past you isn’t a fun activity.

So I’m Empty

It could be just a spell I’m going through. Maybe the new potential roommate has got me anxious I don’t know. Just out of writing ideas at the moment. It’s hard to write when you just stare at the screen and try and come up with an idea.

Maybe this weekend I’ll recharge, shit if I know. Just right now I’m running on empty.