images (5)When you first start getting into mongering you hear the phrase “roll like a rockstar”, the key word in that phrase is like.

While I have been somewhat open with what I do for a living besides pouring cash into this loss leader I don’t really go into specifics. Lets just say I deal with celebrities and other high profile people a few times a year. I can say without doubt that one of the things they don’t do it pay for anything.

You see the rockstar mentality is a myth. Celebrities are used to having their asses kissed by everyone around them. You think when they roll into the “club” that they are paying for those drinks? No. Odds are its a deal cut with the club to get them there for a few hours. This involves them receiving a check and all their drinks for free along with a VIP area that is just visible enough to the public along with security to keep the riffraff (thats you and me) away. They aren’t spending money on anything. They are making money.

You think they are paying for the pussy that is trying to be near them? Fuck no! Whores love to be the center of attention. They want to be seen. Celebrities know this and they use it to get free pussy all the time. They also don’t have to deal with paying them to leave because these women just fucked a celebrity and are looking to get out and tell their friends. They are whores and they know it. They notch their belts with celebrity trophy fucks while the celebrity barely even remembers who they fucked.

The rockstar image and lifestyle is careful PR for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, there are still rockstars that go out and party like no tomorrow but odds are they aren’t paying and what they are paying for is drugs. The rest is handed to them just for the photo op and free press.

The monger mentality is we roll like rockstars. Yes, we do. We try and be as fabulous and fantastic as possible. We drink. We laugh. We indulge our fantasies of fucking as many women as we can and want at the same time. We live like there is no tomorrow. The moment is now.

That is until the bill comes due.

Yes. You can roll “like” a rockstar but you aren’t one because you are paying for that fantasy.