Too hungover from the Sexy Schoolgirl Party to really move but still horny from only getting a blowjob the day before. It was time to make a love connection. It’s always nice when they show up right to your door.

Got A Line On You

I reached for my phone since I had to read a bunch of messages anyways and I wasn’t in the mood to really move. Still, my dick was telling me it needed to be taken care of so I had to do something about it but I wasn’t going to leave the room.

Time to use Line to see what I could get to show up.

Really, I had Ja and Aoy at my disposal but I knew Aoy wasn’t awake yet, 3 PM was early for that girl and it was 1 PM. Still I sent messages to both and see what I got.

Ja Rule

Ja almost immediately answered. She has a thing for me and I have no idea why as I’m a degenerate scumbag. Plus, I knew she was at work so I figured she was up and moving.

I asked if she wanted to come to the room. YES! Pay my bar? Of course! Pay it yourself and then I’ll pay you back. Ok! How long? 15 minutes. Umm.. I need a shower. No! Take with you. Well if you say so.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

It was about 30 minutes later and there is Ja at my door. I get it open and she has her hands around me and tongue down my throat. I did brush my teeth if you are wondering.

We make out like kids again and I’m like I really need a shower because I smell like stale beer and cigarette smoke. So I strip naked and the girl immediately starts to blow me while sitting on the bed. I can live with that. What heterosexual male doesn’t want a random blow job?

Let Me Get Undressed

Ja proceeds to get undressed in front of the mirror and is taking off her earrings. Me? I have a hardon and I am like what do I do? Seeing how I am perverted I started to rub it along her pussy and ass as she is bent over.

Not to miss an opportunity herself she kinda slides her legs sideways so I have access to her pussy and I start to bump my dickhead in. She’s not fully went but she’s getting there. I start to finger her and she just closes her eyes and she’s wet inside so I start to lube her up a bit.

Once I feel she is wet enough back I go with my dick and in it slides and oh it feels good. I may be hungover but damn that pussy is nice!

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

We finally pull apart and head to the bathroom. She was all excited because the toothbrush I had bought her was still there along with hairpins she thought she cleverly left that I didn’t give shit about. I knew what she did. Marked her territory. Too bad her and Aoy are the only ones in my room.

So she starts to brush her teeth and is bent over the sink and I’m like you know what? Perfect position again! So we fuck again for a bit but the bathroom is small and I can’t get a good rhythm up plus I really wanted a shower.

So into the shower we go and scrub up each other nicely. Lots of attention paid to important bits

Boom Boom Boom Out Go The Lights

Once we dry off its into the bed. She’s cold because of the fan but we both know its going to get hot so under the covers. My dick is still hard and we are making out. She crawls under the covers and starts to blow me and I’m like this is great.

She finally comes out and was like cannot breath.

I’m rock hard and she’s wet and without preamble jumps on me for a ride. She likes to be on top and I’m lazy so it works for both of us.

We fuck like bunnies and I manage to pop inside her. We lay there panting for a bit as she got hers before I got mine.

We got up, cleaned up quickly and then it was nap time. She was hungover too from going out with her friends the night before (wonder where she got the money from). So we snuggled up and had a lovely snooze.


I wake up before Ja and read a little while she snored contentedly nuzzled up against me. I’ll admit that I enjoyed the sensation. I’m fine with intimacy on my terms and she knew she was out the door later.

Once she woke up and played on her phone for a bit she was answering messages in Thai and started to stroke my dick.

You can figure out she got my dick hard and we were off for round two. She knew it was the last day she was going to see me and wanted to make sure my balls were drained before letting me wander off into the night. Smart girl.

I struggled this time around and there was no way I was going to finish so the little minx sneaked babyoil when I wasn’t looking on the headboard and reached over, got it and proceeded to give me a stellar handjob while we made out. Like we were teenagers again.


Three Showers Lucky

Once we caught our breath is was back to the third shower of this encounter and we cleaned up. Once we were done it was time to part. I did ask Ja if she wanted to stay in the room because she wasn’t going with me to Soi 6.

She declined saying she would be bored and I was fine with that.

We had a bit of a cuddle and I pointed out there is no crying in mongering. She says she love me too mutt and I said not a good idea. She said she know her heart. I said good. I know mine. This is why we can’t be.

Got Your Soi 6

We head out to the motorsai stand and we both jump bikes. Her to her room and me to Soi 6 for my final night. No way was I not saying goodbye to Noddy. Plus, I may be fucked out but you never know when your dick may twitch. Which is another story unto itself.