It seems you guys like information about Costa Rica. Seeing how I am firmly not interested in the place Pura Vida Transport is happy to provide information here. I will stress again, I don’t care if he links to his business because it saves me from writing. It also provides information for those heading to Costa Rica and I deem that a fair trade. Plus, its my website so I can kinda do what I wish. I roll that way.

Had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights at Zona2 in San Jose recently with some clients. I’d suggested, as they’d arrived on a Sunday night, to stay in San Jose first before moving on to Jaco and all the other adventures they had planned that you can read about in the Jaco part of my trip report. So for Sunday and Monday, they selected Zona2 because of the number of suites and the other more obvious reasons.

Zona2 has progressed a lot even with only 4 suites. My guys had three of those and I got the second bedroom in one of them. I found the room very comfortable but missed having perhaps a small TV. The size of the main rooms in all the suites is fantastic with large TVs, huge bathrooms with saunas and more. The hard wood floors, stripper stages and bean bags are an added touch.

Like you find in other San Jose establishments like Amistad and Sportsmen’s Lodge, the owner is a world class guy. In this case, a Jersey guy named Jim. He is a great host and goes above and beyond in customer service. Anything we needed, he was on top of.

The girls were top notch MP girls, probably one of the best lineups in San Jose right now. Being I am a married guy, I didn’t get to sample but my clients took full advantage and never had a bad thing to say about any of the girls they sessioned with.

Zona2 also offers a great bar where you can hang with the guys as well as an excellent Cigar Shop near the entrance that provides real cigars at a good price. It is located just 3 blocks northwest of the Del Rey and bringing independents back was never a problem. Security was top notch, always there with a friendly face to let you in any time…and we pushed that to its’ limits.

The Del Rey was somewhat slow as was Sportsmen’s but it was a Sunday and Monday night so what can you expect. There were still good numbers and decent amount of quality at Del Rey both nights. For me, I still prefer Jaco because of this. In Del Rey, I never saw more than 2-3 girls I might have selected. In Jaco, there may be more sharks but I’d have had 8-10 a night to chose from not just 2-3.

That said, daytime action is still best by far in San Jose. At noon in San Jose, I might like 3-5 girls at different MPs like Zona2 where at that time in Jaco, I’d be hard pressed to even find one.

To wrap up, I was quite impressed with the service, friendliness and welcoming vibe I got in Zona2, something that I find less and less of in San Jose these days. Girls are still plentiful and the downturn in business means prices are $20-$40 less for independents than in Jaco so you can get more bang for your dollar in San Jose.

I will be taking an MP tour in the next few weeks and will report back on all I see that day here as well! As always, if I can ever be of service, just let me know through my website at

Writer’s Note: As I was recently accused of favoring some places over others due to commissions I receive, I want everyone to know I do NOT TAKE commissions. Any and all opinions I write are my own and what I really believe. This has been my business practice since my inception and will continue to be.