I am sorta back or at least posting again. Took Mama Spanky to BKK last night, got her checked-in and in her wheelchair and said bye when she hit immigration.

Relief And Sadness

I am both relived and saddened with her leaving. Relief is that I can resume my normal lazy ass ways of not having to get up and getting moving until I feel like crawling out of bed. The sadness is I will miss homemade breakfast every morning and while she drove me nuts at time with endless shopping I did enjoy having her around.

My Mom and I are alike in that we understand that sometimes you need to do something even if someone else is there. So she would bang out emails and shit and I would surf the web and do whatever while we hung out at the condo I got for her.

The other relief is I no longer have to drive a car in Pattaya. I’ll explain that in another post.

Starting Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will post a monger pic of the day for all you pervs out there and Friday I’ll start back in on normal content. Two weeks with my Mom gave me a unique perspective to Pattaya that I didn’t expect. So I have plenty of shit to write about for awhile.

I do appreciate everyone being patient with me while she was here. There was just too much going on to write every day and do the other stuff I need to do and entertain her and haul her around the local area.

In addition, it was a nice break for me because I have been doing this site for so long that after a bit it felt like a chore. So the break was much needed and I didn’t have to worry about what to write about.

Monger Travels HQ

I am happily ensconced in my new and day I say much larger and nicer Monger Travels HQ. Jomtien is a bit different than Pattaya but I am starting to really like it down here. I’m all of 10 minutes away from the heart of Pattaya but it feels like a completely different place. I like the more chilled atmosphere up this way.

It also helps that I massively upgraded my lifestyle when I moved into this place. The first place taught me now to live in Pattaya and become “normal”. It was small but it suited the purpose at the time but I knew I wanted a nicer place with a kitchen and modern amenities. I no longer need to be near bars and all the shit that goes along with it. With that said, I should point out there are a row of bars in this building. Just an elevator ride down. I doubt I will ever barfine out of them but I have learned never say never.

If I feel adventurous just walk down to Jomtien Beach Rd. and there are bar complexes down here and I am close to several gentlemen’s clubs as well.

So In Conclusion

Posting schedule will return to normal. I am back and writing again and looking forward to telling some stories about her visit. Plus the usual shit that goes on around here and what passes at “normal”.

Thanks again!