C’mon and rescue me
C’mon baby and rescue me
C’mon baby and rescue me

Rescue Me – Aretha Franklin 

That song that goes through a mongers head when he meets that special one. The one that wants out of the life. The one that just needs a little help to get out of selling her ass. The one that will appreciate the knight in his shining armor as he sweeps into the bar to rescue her from the life of a prostitute.

That gentlemen is why that shit only happens in fairytales and movies.

I will help a girl out but the reality is most don’t want it. They are incapable of getting out of the business until the business has sucked all the life out of them and they are just too old or too useless to make any money off of. Thats the nature of the beast and if you don’t think so you are in denial. You sure as shit don’t see that many prostitutes in their 60’s and 70’s but you sure as shit see a lot of mongers that age.

I hear tales and read them on the internet where a guy has spent time and money trying to drag the girl out of working as a prostitute. Notice I said guy? Most of the time the girl will say this in passing but the inner knight of the monger hears this as a chance for saving her and maybe a relationship.

The fact is 99% of these girls don’t want out. They say the words but their own lifestyle dictates otherwise. I don’t know about you but if I want to change something I fucking do it. If I half-ass it odds are things don’t change. If I put myself into it change happens. Trying to save a girl that has gotten used to relatively easy money. Easy access to drugs and alcohol. Easy access to most of the vices that we all enjoy. She spreads her legs for a few minutes and she is done and off to do what she wants. These are facts and if you spend enough time mongering you come to accept them.

I offered a girl once a way out. She spoke all the right words to assure me it was legit and for real. I told her the rules which weren’t very difficult and none of them involved my dick or my cash. Just a place to stay safe very far away for her current life, 3 square meals a day, and video surveillance on my place so my shit didn’t disappear. No drugs and no alcohol. Her answer, “Let me think about it”.

I wasn’t hurt or trying to reason with her. The offer was made and it was a fair one. She effectively said no. I believe I said let me know if you change your mind and it was as empty as her answer. I more-or-less withdrew the offer.

I was not going to try to save someone who clearly would rather sell her ass for easy money to get high. I’m not stupid and been around this lifestyle too long.

Your role as a monger is to go in and fuck them, bust a nut, slap them on the ass and say thank you for the good time, pay them and leave. You aren’t going to be much more impactful that that. If you think differently then please contact me on an investment idea that will return 300% profit!

So next time you hear Rescue Me playing through your head maybe switch it to Darling Nikki.


PS – Yes I know Prince originally did Darling Nikki but I like the Foo Fighters version. For a really good version find Cee-Lo with the Foo Fighters doing Darling Nikki.