With the easy access to pussy it boggles my mind why guys want to bang a robot. I guess you don’t have to deal with the human element if that isn’t your thing. Then again, I have fucked some very mechanical girls in my days. – Spanky

Sex robots may usher in a sexual revolution with both good and bad consequences for society, experts say. On the one hand, they may be used in care homes to keep the elderly company or to bridge the gap in long distance relationships — on the other, they may encourage unhealthy sexual relationships and lead to the further objectification of women. To mitigate these risks, the authors of a new report by the Foundation for Responsible Robots (FRR) call for a ban on certain sex robots and caution with others.

“There are absolutely some benefits to the technology but, like everything else, there is a balance,” Aimee van Wynsberghe, assistant professor in ethics and technology at the Technical University of Delft and FRR co-director, said in a statement. “You have to strike a balance between lack of regulation — so we have all different uses and personifications of children and women as sexual objects — or you have overregulation and you stifle the technology. You have to find the way to balance so you really can harness the good.”

Sex robots are still a niche market, more familiar from shows like Westworld and Humans than in real life, but there are a few companies already manufacturing love-making machines that sell for between $5,000 and $15,000.