I was in Prague last year with Spanky. He was non-plused by the city mainly because they had no Asian girls. I was on the other hand intrigued and wanted to return. The attraction is 2 fold. I really do love the city. The outdoor cafes, the hot dog kiosks, the historical sites and the women. The women are spectacular. The attraction for the women is in that Czech girls come in so many different flavors. Some are natural blond with the light blue eyes some are dark skin and dark eyes and look very Latin and all other flavors in between. I also discovered that they love American men and if you actually treat them nice and not as a disposable sex doll they are a lot of fun. Make no mistake as I often tell them I know this is fun for me and business for you but we can both have fun together. The number of times I got kissed after telling them that is almost 100% of the time. This is big because of the pricing system that has evolved. Some guys just want to bust a nut, stick it into something wet and hot. Some guys want the blow job with no condom. Some are wanting the GFE and want to kiss or eat them etc. To accommodate the needs of the customers the pricing is this in most places. Classic Sex is blow job and sex with a condom. No kissing or anything else. This is the base price and is typical 1500 Crowns for 30 minutes, right now that is around $75 US. 1 Hour is 2000 Crowns or $100 US. The remaining items on the menu is for negotiation with the girl. No condom blow job was any where from 500 C or $25 to 1000 C or $50 US. Kissing was close to the same and anal more. I don’t do the corn hole so I didn’t get prices. A lot of these girls go to school or have day jobs and do this part time. This is a very well made site to look at the girls and links for information about the various places. http://www.czecheroticguide.com/

The first place I visited was my favorite from the previous trip. AAA Exclusive Club http://www.aaa-club.net/?Lang=2 . I arrived and found a few changes had been made but basically the same small cozy and very laid back brothel with a pole for the girls to strip and advertise their wares. The bartender with the short blond hair that Spanky had fallen deeply in love (lasted 15 minutes) was no longer there but the older bartender remembered me. I had my usual Captain Morgan and Coke Light and waited to see which girl would pick me. I know I am stupid for doing this but it almost always works out for the better. I am a big guy and have been told I look like an enforcer for the Russian Mafia so handsome does not apply. If they like me then all that is behind us and if I like them well “it is on”. (Some girls actually do like bald bad boys and big guys. This is hard for some face men and well proportioned guys to believe but it is true.) Monika was her name and she came over and introduced herself, next was a drink for her next we were in her room. Dark hair and dark eyes but not Latin. Tall and slender with a nice ass and firm B cups. We had fun and I was horny so I only paid for Classic Sex. She tossed in kissing and I was happy with that. The follow up with her the next night I threw in pussy licking. She told me that was extra and I said OK, I will stop. She promptly pushed my head back into place.  I ventured to another place that had recently opened. Da Vinci ShowPark. ShowPark is the original and this is a sister location closer to the center of town and only a 15 minute walk from my hotel. This is my new favorite. I will tell you why in the next installment.

The sexy Monika