There was this hot blonde at DaVinci Showpark that I hd my eye on but every time I went to talk to her she was busy or another girl had stirred my interest. She was one of the reasons I kept going back was to see her. I found out latter that she lives outside of Prague and takes a train into town. She arrives at around 10 PM and works till 6 AM. Prague is a late night town. Lots of bars do not open till after 9 PM. My last night rolled around and I decided to start with DaVinci ShowPark then go to AAA Exclusive. The car service to the airport was to pick me up at 7 AM so I had no intentions of sleeping. I had all intentions of going to bed. I arrived at around 9 and had a couple of drinks but none of the girls interested me so I was about to call for a Taxi when Sonja appeared. I went to talk to her and she remembered seeing me a couple of times. We immediately hit it off. A short time later we were in the room. This was the most amazing sex I have had in a while. Her oral skills are amazing. Especially ball licking. I could have popped but stopped her so I could tap that pussy. She was 35 and had no children.   She was even more amazing having sex. Without a condom I could not have lasted 5 minutes. Since I had brought my Magnum Xls. (This was of great interest to the girls and would leave them one telling them XL was American for Extra Little)  I lasted long enough to find out she was mufti-orgasmic. The first time I experienced this was a girl in Ohio when I was maybe 24. I thought she was having hiccups or something. Sonja was going crazy and it wasn’t fake the orgasms were very real. I joined in the action with one of my own. We talked for a while and went over the prescribed time. I asked her if she did that every time. She said no only when she is really into it and excited. We showered and went down stairs. We had a drink and used one of the computers to exchange social media data. There wasn’t very many customers so she stayed with me. We were sitting on one of the sofas talking when she leaned over and kissed me and said she was happy to meet me and be my friend. This was now around 2:30 AM. I had a stirring that was not expected. I looked at her and said “ We could be more comfortable upstairs.” Her eyes got big with a sexy Czech version of “Really!” I said “Lets go”. Round 2 with Sonja was just as much fun as round one. This time she received oral pleasure and the orgasms lasted for a solid 2 minutes this time. We fucked in all the favorite positions. I was about to give up on busting the second nut when she started kissing me very passionately and I finally had my magical number 2. It was close to 4 AM when we went down stairs. I told her I needed to go to my room and pack as I had done nothing to get ready to leave. I have chatted with her a couple of times snce arriving home. If I go back to Prague next year, she will be the primary reason as my Prague itch has been thoroughly scratched. (I know some of you studs are saying Big Fucking Deal. I fuck 2 or 3 times a night. I want you to say it when you are 56. Any lady that can bring this out in me is special) Next report will be about why Big Daddy fucks early (this town is midnight) so he can blow money on the HOT as Hell Strippers but oh so expensive Strip Clubs know there as a Cabaret.

I borrowed this from her social media site. As they take the cameras on the way in.

The Beautiful Sonja