DaVinci ShowPark is the sister site to the original ShowPark Market. The original ShowPark is located in an old slaughter house. It has rooms that wind around in two directions. The girls stand at the door and you stop look, talk and negotiate prices if you are interested. Apparently they have new ownership and have instigated new system that is pretty unique and modern. After paying a entry fee of 190 CK $10 US, you are given a ticket with a bar code that is good for 24 hours at either location. They have computers that show the girls in each of the Show Rooms. You drag and drop a predetermined list of possibilities from Classic Sex to Strip Show to Chocolate Bath (not sure but you smear chocolate on them and lick it off) each with set prices. She either accepts the requests or declines. There are pictures of the girl and they list their current status such as Busy or Horny or Lonely etc. When you both agree on  a list of activities and pricing a ticket is printed with the room number. You can for example select a girl in the other location and take a taxi supplied by them. Present the original entry ticket and the ticket for the girl and you are directed to the room. DaVinci ShowPark also has strippers and is a functional strip club. Bot have bars and (reasonable) prices for Pivo (Czech for Beer) and cocktails. I use reasonable because some of the other strip clubs are twice the price. I played with the computer system but the English translator was not working and I was afraid I would show up having paid for strap on male anal service. Plus I like to interact with the girl before deciding to pay for the services. I can not say enough good things about DaVinci ShowPark. Smoking hot bartenders that would have Spanky writing bad checks. One was obviously a previous model. 6 feet, pale blue eyes, blond, thin with an outrageous set of knockers. Prague is loaded with girls that are past their prime as models and work in various jobs. I partook of 3 different girls there. A couple twice and one just once.   The first one was because she picked me and wouldn’t let go. She smelled horny American with money. Her lust was up. Not for me obviously but for my money of course. Lenka was petite with dark hair and a single mom. Spoke very good English and made Big Daddy happy. When Big Daddy can bust a nut in a condom without heroic efforts it is always a pleasant experience. She also like to kiss and we made out for a while and that set the mood. I also got a good deal for 30 minutes at 1500 CK or $75 US. The next girl was Michelle. Very Latin looking. She could be a hit at the Del Rey and you would never suspect she was Czech. (at least until you talk to her)  Dark hair dark eyes and a nice rack. She spoke good English and told me she was going to Las Vegas in November. Apparently a rich boyfriend was taking her. It was good enough for Big Daddy to return the next night and hit it again. I didn’t ask if she had any Latin ancestors as Czech are very proud and look down upon Gypsies. I didn’t go there but she was very passionate and made a lot of noise just like Latin girls. Tomorrow I will tell you the story of the beautiful Sonja.

ShowPark Davinci