Yes it is true. I spent double my budget in this town. As I eat my peanut butter sandwich (all I can now afford) and reflect back on the trip, I have to ask myself if it was worth it. Fuck yea it was. I have no inside information as to the future. The Cajuns have a saying “Live for today, Tomorrow will take care of itself”! Words of wisdom indeed. Actual budget for just pussy was not the killer. I over spent on a couple of high end escorts. Cheap compared to US prices but still expensive at 200 US. Smoking hot but one had a severe case of G.P.S (Gold Pussy Syndrome). The other was sweet and was fun. The one with GPS was irritating and never shut up. She commented on everything and anything with an air of superiority. Well this shit don’t play well with Big Daddy. I decided to piss her off the best way I could. I came in her mouth. This was after how she told me she didn’t like that and I was to tell her before I came. Actually I was to stop her so we could glove up for some fucking. She was pissed. I told her I was sorry (not) and it was because she was so good. The stroke to her ego was all that was needed. I then told her that her reviews on TER said she swallowed. This did not sit well so I left. I think I whistled as I walked to the square for a beer. The main driver for killing my budget was this place.┬áCarioca Cabaret is at the end of Wenceslaus Square. It is much smaller than Hot Peppers or Gold Fingers. The other rip off strip clubs on the square. I had fun at Hot Peppers. I met a girl from Poland that was gorgeous and had fun with her. Fun is paying a but load of money for dry humping in a private room. Lap Dance plus. No sex but just about everything else. Carioca being a much smaller venue has around 10 to 16 girls at any one time. All are smoking hot. The one that Spanky fell deeply in love with last year comes in second or third place this time. Spanky I know this is hard to believe but it is true. One girl -club name- Sasha is going to Los Angelse in November to work the strip circuit. The most amazing thing is all these girls have perfect C, D or DD cups all natural. No silicone. They are truly amazing. The one girl with small perfect firm A cups was Natalie. She is also a model and I would not be surprised to see her on magazine covers. Spanky I have a surprise for you. At considerable cost. 4 nights in a row I paid the Cien for sexy time as we came to call it. I got her to give me a picture. She did it some how. Transferred it from her phone to mine. Blue Tooth maybe? It is below. Drunk and in a club full of smoking hot girls is a weakness I admit. I think this is her club identification or license pic and does not do her any justice. I became friends with Cindy and she told me how she and her boy friend celebrated their anniversary. They went to DaVinci ShowPark and shared a girl. Why can’t I ever have a girlfriend like this? She is like a dream more like a wet dream. 5’2″┬álong blonde hair with perfect DD and a super nice ass. Not too big just right. My favorite was a tall girl with long brown hair named Katrina. These girls make some fucking money. She raises horses outside of town. I probably spent as much in this one club drinking and dry humping as I did getting laid at the brothels. Both have a special place in my memories. The manager would greet me each day and would come over and have a shot every once in a while. I knew I was spending too much when this starts to happen. All well my itch is scratched. Below is the lovely Simone. Spanky she did remember you. The football club owner.

For a look at some of the yummy scenery in Prague. These are random street shots. Enjoy.