Since I don’t write on Sundays and yesterday was Valentines Day I figured I would write my post Valentines Day write up! I am sure some of you dutifully sent roses, candy (thanks for making them fat!), or even surprised them with an in-person visit to bring an extra special gift of jewelry just to show the woman you pay to have sex with how much she means to you! I’m sure she dutifully acted surprised and emotional when gifts were received. For those of you not in country I am sure she made sure none of the other gifts from her various “boyfriends” were at least not in the photo she sent to you showing off your gift.

For those of us not in the love with prostitutes I’m sure your day was as eventful as mine. I did fuck all nothing and to be honest as I write this I am drinking a beer and debating on heading out to dinner and enjoy more beer. I don’t need to send gifts that are worthless to anyone on made up holiday to generate sales.

I’m sure some of you are thinking I’m a cynical prick and just too jaded to give a shit. Well, thats sums up my condition succinctly to be honest. I am very content being by myself. It’s part of my introverted nature that being around someone 24/7 wears me the fuck out. If I have to pretend to be someone completely different than I am then why the fuck am I with someone in the first place?

I haven’t felt the need to fill a “hole” in myself by finding a woman. Sure I went through a phase where I thought I should give it a try but they ended in disaster. Like many a monger I went through the looking for love in all the wrong places phase too. Meaning in places full of prostitutes. I mean; like attracts like now doesn’t it? More to the point and per Lonesome Traveler “we are just opposite sides of the same coin” (There I gave you credit!).

Now I find my love by the hour or less and I’m content with it. My emotional needs for a relationship are met through other avenues and I don’t need a woman to make me happy. Point in case the civilian I was fucking just recently entered a stable relationship with a dude. The funny thing was he was proclaiming it all over Facebook. I was amused as hell. I wasn’t hurt beating my chest thinking I just maybe missed out on a great thing. Instead I was thinking I wasn’t getting access to easy pussy again with no strings until I find another one.

The concept of love and being in love is just some banal shit at best. Me personally? The most successful relationships I have had and continue to have are those I was friends with first and fucking came later. This is either prostitute or civilian. There was an understanding in place that wasn’t defined by being in “love” with the person. I came to understand them as a person first and as a lover second. I already learned their flaws and they learned mine. The sex was good because there was no pressure. If we didn’t enjoy it then it didn’t happen again and the friendship was maintained.

So I hope those of you basking in your post Valentines Day glow are enjoying it. Be it being a fool in love or a cynical prick with a jaded sense of self. Me personally? I’m going to get a bite to eat and watch the fools in love with all the other cynical pricks.