Well it needed to be pointed out that this was turning into a boring trip report. Hell, I was bored and I was there! So I wanted to wrap things up and give some final thoughts. I could go into details about my last day but to be perfectly blunt I slept my ass off. Something I badly needed.

First off, I should have not went to Costa Rica. It was a good idea in theory but poorly executed. I really needed to just get away from the world for a bit after the shit show with the condo sale. So I just fell back to something I knew instead of going some place different to explore and get out. For all that I was doing I should have just parked my ass on an island in the Caribbean and just vegged. Thing is I hate islands and beaches. Such is life. So in full disclosure it was a piss poor mongering trip.

What I write I say now are my impressions. Take them or leave them.

Costa Rica is meh. It’s about all I can say. Sure you can get laid and sure there are some stunners around in San Jose but you have to wade through so much rubbish to find them that its just more work than fun. I know Jaco is the new ground zero for mongering but I talked to enough guys who had just come back and they all said the same thing in one way or another. Jaco is hot as shit so you could not do much during the day because the heat was repressive. Nothing gets going to night time so you have to kill the day away. Sure you can lounge around the pool or head to the beach but because of the stifling heat it just wasn’t something that most did. They laid low during the day. Once things started up at night you headed to the Hotel Cocal which is where the action is at night. There were stunners there in droves I was told. The prices start at $150 and you might get them down to $100. They know they are hot and they are regularly getting $150 or more.

The other downside to Jaco is you are looking at a 90 minute drive from the airport. So after being in transit all day you are looking at more transit time. This may seem odd coming from a dude that flies 20 hours to sit 90 minutes to get to Pattaya but I’m there longer than 5 days. Last thing I want to do is spend a significant amount of time in a car.

So there is accurate reporting on Jaco. Yes, the women are beautiful but not much to do during the day and prices are high. If you are there to bang beauties and cost is no object head to Jaco.

So where does that leave me on Costa Rica.

I have to be blunt, its dying. This isn’t me singing Glory Days and doing the old man thing of “I remember when”. The quality is way down at the Del Rey and even my quick trip to the Sportsmens Lodge one evening proved that its not there anymore either. I was told by a reliable source that the Sportmens is becoming a ghost town with lack of girls and mongers. While I can’t confirm that I do know I could get a room 2 days before my trip. In the old days that would have never happened.

Speaking of mongering. The girls aren’t in their prime. Hell, they aren’t even just a little older. They are beyond prime and going down hill fast. I have never seen so many fuglies and fatties in one place outside of a locals only joint where price is more important than quality. It’s dreadful. I guess if you aren’t picky you can fuck. I’m not picky and even I was shuddering at the thought of some of these women approaching me.

The other issue I had is that these girls approach you like goddesses on earth. It was an honor to be talking to them. Their attitudes just sucked. Look I get they are working and trying to earn some money but if I indicate I’m not interested move the fuck on. Don’t sit there and keep talking to me. I’m being polite instead of saying you are a fat pig who should have retired about 10 years ago. Their entire sales pitch was jaded and tired just like them. I heard good massage, good blowjob, good sex so many times that I got tired of hearing it. It was a turn off. It’s like they got their Prostitution 101 Certificate and then never bothered to learn anything new.

Thats the other thing. I am an infrequent visitor to Costa Rica at best and I still saw girls I knew in the mid-2000’s. That tells you that new talent isn’t coming in to replace the what should be retiring talent. Well, maybe not retiring but it forces older sex workers to the fringes because they can’t compete with the hot new girls that are there. These women were so past there sell by date it wasn’t funny. No wonder business is down if that is the product being offered.

When I go to Tijuana I have a blast. I’m not even talking about the big clubs. I’m the adventurous sort an will wander into the smaller venues and I’ll hit up the street girls. I the clubs a $1 will get you some titty time. A drink can get you finger banging time. You can do a lot more and there is a variety of women. It’s not old ass whores still selling themselves. Well in the smaller clubs they are there but thats part of the charm.

I get that I’m a horrifically jaded monger who has spent time in some of the best mongering destinations in the world. I will fully confess to being somewhat bored with mongering because I have done it so much and for so long. Still, when I am in other places I usually pull a few sessions and have a good time. I no longer feel the need to fuck as many prostitutes as I can just to prove my worth. I have done it. I had a depleted bank account to show for it.

In Costa Rica I just didn’t feel it. It could have been my frame of mind. I will accept that. However, my dick usually overrides my choices at some point and it was like I’ll take a pass here sport. In full disclosure I got home and promptly made an appointment with a local girl I know and got my balls drained. Was even cheaper than what the Del Rey girls where trying to quote me too!

I’m not saying don’t go to Costa Rica. If you are relatively new to mongering you should enjoy it. If you are a veteran just take a pass. It’s going to end badly because you have seen and been other places. You have something to compare it to and it’s not going to compare well.

It’s my take and my thoughts. I have tried to report accurately and I admit it was a piss poor mongering trip. It took Lonesome Traveler to kick me in my virtual ass to realize this. I stand by honesty versus bullshit. I think being genuine is better than bluff and bluster just to impress a bunch of other dudes that pay for sex like me.

So Costa Rica – Meh.