I am so sick of guys bitching and moaning about how greedy bars are and how girls are just trying to get as much as they can. Here is a rule – OF COURSE THEY ARE!

Its Called Business

I think mongers forget sometimes that mongering is about paying for goods and services. It’s not free and it’s not cheap. If you want cheap go to a convenience store or liquor store, fire up Pornhub.com and sit at home and drink and jerk off.

Last time I checked, bar rent or mortgage wasn’t free. Electricity and water don’t just happen. Staff salaries have to be paid. Girls want to make their money.

There are a myriad of costs with running a business. Mongers forget that businesses are about making money not caring how your dick or wallet feels. If you can’t afford it don’t come!

If It’s Egregious Then Walk Out

I get it. Trust me I do. I have seen some dumb shit on bar pricing over the years in multiple countries. Same for prices quoted by girls.

The thing is bitching about it does not a god damn thing. Trust me on that. It does fuck all. The business is still there and the girl is still working so you do the math on how much your bitching resolves.

If you think it’s too expensive then just get up and walk out. There is nothing stopping you. If you ordered a drink then pay and go. If you think the girl is too expensive, just move on instead of trying to beat her down.

The whole vote with your feet thing is stupid. Just walk. Don’t complain, just get up and go. No one else gives a shit.

If I get asked a place I tell them up front if the drinks are high or the girls are expensive. Doesn’t mean I say don’t go. I go to a place where both are and I still have a good time and I am a cheap ass. Why? Service is good and they treat me well.

So Please Stop Bitching

So do us all a favor and please stop bitching about money. I think mongering at the dawn of time when Thag wanted to fuck Uma and offered up a chunk of meat to her and she declined until more was offered was likely going on.

Nothing has changed since then. Not a god damn thing. It’s always about more and now instead of a chunk of meat it’s money.

There is nothing new to this business model and it will continue to be this way. So spare us your bitching and moaning.