No this isn’t about water sports in the sexual sense, this is about doing my one day on Songkran and how I survived it or didn’t.

You Will Get Wet

I went to Soi 6 and actually managed to stay dry by having the taxi driver drop me off on Soi 6/1 which is directly behind Soi 6 and cut through an alley into a bar. I went into a friends bar and stayed dry. So I was good. I knew this wasn’t going to last but I still felt a sense of accomplishment.

After watching a water balloon fight and water being tossed everywhere I figured why not brave it and make my way down to a few other bars and see what there is to see. My friend, who didn’t see me saw me when I stepped out of his bar.

This is where I go drenched in water as he took the reservoir of his water gun and then proceeded to dunk me.

Eyes, Ears, and Mouth

This is what I found to be the worst part of Songkran and playing water which is the term used to describe it here. You get absolutely smashed in the face with water. People don’t aim for your body, that’s too easy, no your head is the primary target.

I took more water in my eyes, ears, and mouth then I ever wanted to. The worst part was the ears because it just pools there and you need to wait till you get someplace dry to try and get it out. The shitty party in all of this is that the water is likely not the cleanest and I am praying I don’t get an infection from the sheer volume of water that went into my body through my eyes, ears and mouth.

If you are wondering how I got it in my mouth, get a bucket full of ice water dumped on you and don’t gasp when suddenly you get hit again by another bucket of ice water. Good luck not swallowing some of it.

You Come To Hate Aircon

Generally I am big fan of aircon here. It’s hot as fuck and usually you just want to get into it as fast as possible. When you are soaked to the bone and walking into a bar with aircon and fans blasting it’s the last thing you want to do. You want warm and dry.

I made it a point that if I ducked into a bar to make sure they had nothing running so I could keep my body temperature warm instead of suddenly going to freezing. Trust me, that normal aircon you love suddenly become your biggest enemy. You are freezing your balls off. Standing there dripping wet makes this a miserable experience.

Would I Do It Again

The question is would I go playing water again? FUCK NO! I have stocked up Monger Travels HQ with food and other supplied to the point I don’t have to go out. Where I live is safe but you still get the occasional asshole. Would I go to a party soi to go playing water? You must be out of your fucking mind.

To me it’s not fun. There is nothing thrilling about getting soaked against your will. There is nothing fun about having ice water just poured all over your or shot in the face with a water gun. I didn’t really see the point other than it’s fun for the person doing it, if you weren’t actively involved it just sucks balls. I really had no desire to participate to begin with but wanted to say I did it once.

That was the key – once! Not interested in participating again. If you need me, I’ll be in Monger Travels HQ until the 19th in the evening! Not remotely venturing out during the daylight hours!