I’m cheating today and dumping a response from a forum post in as content.  I don’t much feel like writing because I’m exhausted from doing photography work and sitting in front of a computer processing pictures. The topic started by a poster who bemoaned the fact that some guy showed the pics he posted on the internets to a girl and now she wants to cut off his nuts.  You can read the post over at Costa Rica Ticas.  Here is my answer which was contradictory to everyone else agreeing that the person who showed the picture was evil and Satan’s spawn.

I take pictures of the girls. I put them on my website. Does that make me a bad person? I’m a walking talking advertisement for my own site. If they ask not to post then I don’t but I make it clear that if they pose the shots are mine to do with as I wish. I am slowly moving into professional photography land and guess what, anything I snap that I’m not contractually obligated to turn over is mine to do with as I wish as well. I own the copy write and if someone steals my pics thats a different story.

Now, with that said, I often don’t stray into nudes unless they are candids which aren’t them in bed covered in spunk or spread wide. You guys that take those pictures and then post them are asking for it to bite you in the ass. Sorry, but guys have been showing girls pictures since Al Gore invented the internet. You aren’t going to stop it. You have a choice. Share with your friends only which I can guarantee will eventually make it out of your circle of friends (thanks to everyone for sending me those pics not meant for me), keeping them to yourself, or just don’t take them other than something you feel that you could post on Facebook. Lets be honest here guys, most guys get into mongering because they ain’t hitting home runs back home. Its easier to pay for a piece of ass than it is to work at one back home. So you are going to have guys that think that by being a good guy and showing a girl the pics from some filthy monger that she trusted is going to get him points. Having witnessed this first hand, it doesn’t work because the girl is so pissed that phucking is the last thing on her mind. Now I would be a douche and ask if we could do the mattress mambo and if I could take some pics after but thats me and I have had my life threatened more times than I care to admit.

To summarize my rambling; you post the pics on a monger board you assume all risks. I personally believe in sharing is caring and nor do I really care about a girl wanting to cut off my nuts anymore. If I snap the pic and post it I assumed that risk and so should you. Blaming someone else because they showed the girl the picture you already shared with a few thousand of your nearest internet buddies is just foolish. Smile at the girl say sorry, slip her some money and roll on. Been doing it for 20 years now and still breathing. Money soothes even the most savage beasts and if she uses it to hire a guy to snuff your ass then you will have a great story to tell when you are in Hell with all the other degenerate mongers. :)