Let’s just get this out of the way now because eventually I knew it would happen. I banged a ladyboy while here in Phnom Penh.

Sexy As Fuck

Let it be said I had flirted with this ladyboy for the last 4 or 5 days. She was smoking hot and worked out of Tiger Bar which is a few doors up from the Red Fox. This had been going on for days.

When I was moving hotels I just ended up passing her at the salon that was on the street and she was like where you going? I was like to new hotel. OK! Bring me! I was like not on check-in. But she was helpful and hooked me up on a laundry place so I thanked her.

Beyond that, as I said, I had seen her pretty much everyday and usually talked to her or played with her tits which may not be given by Buddha but they were spectacular. I knew it was just a matter of time.

Setting It In Motion

I was heading from the Red Fox to do some barhopping and there she was (I honestly don’t remember her name). She was like where you going. I was like bar hopping. Come in and have drink with me. Fuck it, why not!

So we sit down and she immediately has those titties in my mouth and I’m like, yeah, this is likely going to happen because she is hot as hell, not an amazon and doesn’t have the irritating ladyboy voice that usually turns me off.

I order her and me and a drink and she gets up on the table and starts to dance. I’m trying to to look for a bulge, but guess she’s a master tucker or has a small dick. Her tits are out and I’m just like holy shit.

She jumps down and starts to give me a lap dance and I’m like, yeah, this is definitely going to happen.

Something In Common

I already knew my friend had banged her. This wasn’t a secret and I messaged him going I’m going to bang your LB. He was like go for it. His words, “last session things escalated” I was like good recommendation. The LB see’s us messaging and is like No! I’m like he and I already know you banged him its not a secret, get your phone and I can prove it.

She does and she starts laughing as sure enough, same person. Girl is a professional. Give her credit, she joined in the messaging fun. Not once bothered by the fact that me and another guy were discussing her. Other girls get pissy, she took it in stride and had fun with it.

Seal The Deal

So I finally go, how much? She quoted me $50 before plus the barfine but I was like no. Now, my friend was like trust me, I don’t pay $50 often but she’s worth it. However, this time she quoted me $40 and the barfine so I was like fine by me. She was like do you want me to stay all night? I was like no, just really want a nut and you go, I hate sleeping with another person.

We head off back to the room. Girl knew like someone in every bar. Funny thing was everyone was looking at her, even the tuktuk drivers. Like I said, she’s sexy as fuck and knows it. So I was like yep, with me and I had no problem walking down the street with her next to me or holding my hand.

Checked her into the hotel and off to the room.

Boom Boom Time

This is where I figured things would get weird but it wasn’t. I knew intellectually she had a cock but reality would be a bit different so I wasn’t sure. So we get naked and I tried not to look down but it was small and clearly due to hormones wasn’t going to pop wood anytime soon. I just went with it.

We showered together and then she asked for a few minutes alone to “prepare” which means bumgun time. I just went back and stretched out on the bed and waited.

Without preamble she comes out and just jumps on the bed, spreads my legs apart and starts sucking my dick. It’s good, its very good. As my friend indicated things “escalated” quickly. Soon condom is on and I’m banging her ass. I figured it would be tighter but when you only got 2 holes and one gets used often she’s going to be a little looser than normal unlike I real girl.

Still, I’m banging away and we are doing different position and everything else. I’m not going to pop in the condom but she is moaning away in porn star fashion. I didn’t really care, all I wanted was a nut.

So she is like I want you to finish in my mouth! Not a problem darling. She takes the condom off and starts to blow me and sure enough I blow in her mouth with a little wanking involved. Trooper that she is takes it all and then heads off to the bathroom to spit it out.

Finishing Up

We both clean up, her brushing her teeth and me throwing on some shorts and a t-shirt. I got her clothes out of the closet and she got dressed and was messaging someone, likely my friend. I went and got some money out.

I was like fuck it, here is $50, you earned it. Was a stellar session and she was happy. Good girl and a quality time and I don’t regret it.


I knew eventually this day was going to happen living in South East Asia. I didn’t expect it in Cambodia but the ladyboys over here are smaller and not as over the top as their Thai “sisters”. So when this one crossed my path I was like holy shit, you are hot and no annoying voice.

Sure some of you think I’m now full gay. Whatever. In my circles, it’s completely acceptable. If you can’t handle it then don’t bother. I don’t see myself only railing ladyboys mostly because again, their voice in Thailand irritates me to no end. However, I also don’t see myself going no if I see one that intrigues me like this one did.

The whole she has a cock thing wasn’t an issue and I didn’t have a problem with it. Wasn’t waving in my face, she never asked me to do anything with it. She acted more like a girl than some gay guy with tits.

So for all of you that wondered when it was going to happen, it finally did. I still feel the same. For the rest of you that are worried about banging a ladyboy and thinking you are gay you aren’t. Trust me, if you saw this one you be all over her too.