I am still going strong in Phnom Penh. There has been some tourist stuff going on and a few death threats but all is well in this little quirky city.

Tourist Stuff

It’s no secret I’m a photographer now. One of the things I discovered when I transitioned from being a amateur that occasionally got paid to a full time photographer is that I rarely take a photo anymore. This isn’t because I hate taking pictures, it’s just now that I do it all the time it’s like work. The thought of sitting and editing my own work is tedious to me.

I have made an effort this trip to get out and take photos that I would otherwise not do. May seem strange but its been rather relaxing to take photos and not really worry about lighting and all the other shit that goes along with photos when you shoot for someone else and their vision.

Why Didn’t I Leave

While I would have liked to go to Sihanoukville the reality is it’s rather boring and sitting on a beach doesn’t appeal to me. While I could go to Siem Reap I ran into a guy that lives there. He was like, I came here to get away from the hordes of Chinese tourists.

That sealed the fate for me. I am not a fan of Chinese tour groups on a good day let alone if I just did a bus ride to the place. In fact, had a run in with one yesterday who fucking elbowed me out of the way. Little Grandma Mao as I will refer to her just fucking elbow shoved me out of the way while I was at Wat Phnom.

I’m rather ruthless with them in Pattaya, just walking through the pack with elbows out because they will literally stop in the middle of the fucking soi and start snapping photos bringing everything to a halt. So elbows out and just plow through them. It’s about the only thing they understand.

A Day Off And Ladies

I did take a day off from bar hopping. Was a nice relaxing day of nothing and rather enjoyed it. Was nice not to be in the bars. While its cheap as shit to drink here, the lady drinks get expensive quickly and you always have like 7 of them staring at you.

I have slipped my weenie into a girl (not the third gender)! Her name was Astraya or some shit. I honestly could not tell you. The typical $10 barfine and I got her for $30. Good ride and she did the trick and I promptly threw her out. This was on Friday night and I then took Saturday off.


Winding Down

I have only 2 more days here in Phnom Penh so I’ll see what trouble I can get into. Then I’m back off to Bangkok and then home for the next few days. It’s been a great trip to get out of Pattaya and relax for a bit. I think I will be back here more frequently if my schedule allows it. I am starting to enjoy the Cambodian people and the differences between Thailand and Cambodia.