It’s been a few hectic days here in Phnom Penh. Met up with friends and just bar hopped the first night and just getting used to the city again. Different from Pattaya.


Day 2 was a bit of a shocker, I came back from visiting a local market only to see a friend I didn’t expect sitting at the Red Fox. I was like holy shit. The guy snuck a visit in and didn’t tell anyone.

From there we started to bar hop like crazy and things escalated quickly as we just went round and round hitting all the bars and doing the usual shenanigans that happen. I debated on doing the midget again but I was kinda tired and out of it at that point so just took a pass and went to bed.

Golden Sorya to Cyrcee Bar

My skanks are strong at Golden Sorya Mall even though the mall itself is gone. They now ply their trade at the little bars along the same street. See one, wave her over and you are good to go. Sadly didn’t see anything that struck my fancy except Tweak. She is Vietnamese but was in her own world flying high on Ice.

Each visit I went she was the most attractive and each visit she was more spaced out so I gave up on her. On my second visit it was suggested to go to Cyrcee Bar which is a few streets away.

Cyrcee Bar has a feel like a Gentlemen’s Club in Pattaya. I didn’t take long for me to pick out to little cuties who were sexy as hell. We quickly established pricing, $10 barfines and $40 each, I got them down to $35 but I really didn’t care.

You could do the deed on site and pay $5 but there was a wait or walk to a short time hotel and pay $7. I opted for $7 and off we went. Of course pre-shower boom boom and then off to the races with a nice 3 way that I wasn’t planning but was happy to participate in. One girl would blow me or fuck me while the other made out with me or sat on my face. Grand time and I popped a nut. Laid there panting and then staggered off to clean up.

Paid them $40 each. While not cheap, I had a good time and highly recommend it.

The Almost Lock In

There were 3 of us one night, just bar hopping doing our thing and having a good time. We were out late but we were all sober so went into this little bar. Things started to get wild and hands on which is rare as hell in Cambodia. We had 4 girls, naked, out dicks were out, told the bartender who was invited to join in to lock the door and proceed to join the fun. She did it for like 3 minutes then unlocked the door so the party was over.

One guy had 2 girls making out while they were jerking him off. Mine was topless jerking me off and making out with me, while the third was getting a sneaky BJ on the side. We were like, keep the door locked and watch the money flow ladies. They just would not do it.

So we binned up and called it a night.

Red Fox The Start And End

The Red Fox Bar is the start and end of all the adventures here in Phnom Penh. It’s the marijuana bar and I have been baked in there every day this trip. We meet there, plan the days activities, get a nice buzz and then head out to do whatever. Once we have done whatever, this includes random molestations, sexual high jinx, even tourist shit.

At the end of the night its stop for a good night joint before heading to the bed or for those of us who still had some stamina a few more bars to hit. In all, good place to be.

I wish Pattaya had a Red Fox Bar. I would be a very solid regular. Nothing wrong with a $1 beer and a $1.50 joint.

Preparing To Leave

Not sure if checking out today or not. There is an issue with a person with flu and the surprise visitor staying one more night. Plan is to head to Snooky or not. If not, then well, I guess a got another night hitting the bars in Phnom Penh. Worst places to be stuck.