Yesterday was a wait and see day. I have discovered in Phnom Penh when the say 5PM for your laundry, they mean 5PM for your laundry. Meaning I was stuck!

Wake & Bake

I did some work in my room and then headed out in an attempt to get my laundry around 2. The kid, yes, like 11 year old, could not find my laundry. I was like shit, it’s not in yet. Sure enough, come back at 5. Fuck me!

So wander off to have a bite to eat and still had 90 minutes to kill so off to the Red Fox for a joint and a beer or 2.

I didn’t even have to ask, they were like, draft and a full joint (no tobacco). I was like, yeah. Then they proceeded to tell me my friends already had loaded up for a trip before I arrived and I was like I know. So whiled away the time until 5 PM then promptly paid my bill and off I went.

Never Go Back To Your Room

Sure enough my laundry was sitting there so I grabbed it and walked back to my room. I was like let me just stretch out for a bit. Next thing I know its 8PM and I’m like fuck, I wanted to go to Golden Sorya earlier and now I’m hungry and this sucks.

Went to the pizza joint next to the hotel and got a bite to eat, then to the pharmacy that sells generic viagra for $2 for 4 tablets! Score there! Finally a tuktuk to Golden Sorya mall. It’s nearly 9 at this point.

Golden Sorya

Golden Sorya Mall is actually closed, so instead all the skank freelancers who used to float around in the mall are now floating around the restaurants that line the soi. If you are in Phnom Penh just tell a tuktuk driver Golden Sorya and they will take you.

There were a few skanks out that caught my eye but they were either with customers or in their own world. The highlight was watching some drunk and high on more than life English guy make a complete ass out of himself. He came to sit at a table that had a few freelancers at it. He was sitting there talking, they switched to Khmer and he lost his shit screaming “What the fuck you say”, over and over. Then stormed off.

The girls looked at each other and laughed, then caught me smirking because the guy was out of his mind. I see him standing talking to some random dude and put it out of my head.

The next thing I know he’s back with the 2 girls he just screamed at like nothing happened. Even they are like you are fucked but money is money. He would periodically get up and wander around but always came back to that table. As I indicated, he was high and it wasn’t on life.

After awhile the girls got bored with him and just stood up and walked away. No longer interested. I paid bin because the show was over and anything else would just be him acting dumber or starting to come down.

To The 104

I hadn’t been to Oscar’s this trip which is a live music bar but with hostesses you can bang. If in question, Oscar is the Cambodian guy playing drums.

Was a good show, band was playing blues style rock and I sat through a few sets and sunk a few beers. Then I moved on to Air Force Bar and was completely ignored. In their defence I was throwing off the I’m not in the mood vibe and I really wasn’t so one and done.

I bounced to Rose Bar looking for a girl I was going to bang last trip but haven’t seen her this trip. Again, one and done and I was out of there. I could have stayed on the soi but a strategic move was required.

To the 136

I got out and just started to hunt bars and find something that caught my interest. There wasn’t much so I just went fuck it and walked into 69 Bar which is a cool bar except the fucking steel chains that are hung at the entrance. This means you gotta risk getting bashed in the head.

My back was killing me from sitting on barstools so I was like whoever gives me a massage gets a drink. I had 2 girls step up right away. That was 1 more than I wanted but hey, a 4 handed massage go with it. So I sat there for Buddha knows how long and got one hell of a massage. Girls worked out every damn knot I had in my back and then started on my head and hands.

I cost me 2 lady drinks for each of them at the end but I was happy. It was at this point I was like, I am going to bed. No sense in wandering around and trying to force anything.

The Walk Home

I am now staying on 130 Street here in Phnom Penh and towards the end so I have about a 5 minute walk home. I usually stop at the Smile convenience store and pickup water and anything else I may need for the room before heading home. Of course, I get asked for a tuktuk every half meter but you get used to it.

The remarkable thing was I turned on to the 130 and I see a shadowy figure just sitting there on the side of the road. I was wary and but was forced into walking around said figure.

So I positioned myself to be behind them and and moved my bag of shit to be swung around as a weapon if needed. Instead, what I got was do you want a girl to go to your room? I can go with you. Yep, was a girl, my guess a freelancer or something. I just responded no.

I finally get back to the room and looked at the time, 3 AM. Shit! Was later than I thought and just went to bed.

So ended a quiet night in Phnom Penh.