For those sadly thinking this is going to be another post about ladyboys I have bad news. Instead its about original girls which will be explained.

Original What

So image you walk into a whore house to see the hottest girl in there. She is flirting with you and making your dick rock hard. Then, the next minute when you go, let’s go back to the room and have a little fun she says no.

Welcome to Phnom Penh and Original Girls!

The entire concept is these girls are there for drinks and drinks only. They will tease the living shit out of you and get your dick rock hard but they won’t do anything else. Maybe flash a titty from-to-time. It can be a bit frustrating to say the least.

They Are In Every Bar

Original Girls or OG’s are in every bar. What you don’t think about is when you dick is hard and she’s playing with you and asking for a drink that you really don’t care. They take this into account and they are very calculating.

I have run into a few over the last couple of weeks but last night was the worst. There I was in some random bar on 104 Street. I just started going to smaller, unknown bars just to see what is there. Names are unimportant because most are forgettable.

This hot as fuck girl comes up and starts kissing me and doing sniff kisses on my neck. I’m like yes! It’s early, she’s hot and I can fuck her, toss her out and get a good night’s sleep.

So I buy her a drink and my own and we are going at it fairly hardcore. Little Spanky is raring to go and so am I. Thats when I asked her if she barfined. No!

Fuck me! You are an original girl. Yes!

Check Bin

I get why these girls don’t advertise the fact they don’t go with customers. It makes perfect sense from the business perspective because they are there to make money and the only way they can do it is hustling drinks. I respect that.

What does piss me off is when they sit there and tease the living fuck out you. Titties in mouth, the full works and then suddenly when you want to go and fuck it’s a solid no.

Asking for reasons or pleading is pointless. They won’t budge. I suspect if you threw stupid money at them they would go but why bother when the town is full of fuckable women. You would just be pissing your money away. Others have said that if the girl gets to know you they will likely go as well but who wants to invest that much time unless you live here.

The best thing to do is just go check bin and bail out. There is no other real reason to stay and deal with it. It’s what I did, one and done. I had no desire to sit there and frustrate myself any further.

Buy A Drink And Ask

The best way I have found to combat OG’s is just to buy the first drink and just point blank ask. For the one that got me last night it was my own fault. She gave the vibe of fucking and I was like yep, this is in! Except when it wasn’t. I at least had the sense to ask if she would barfine during the first and only drink she got out of me.

It’s the only way to figure out if they are original girls are not. Just point blank ask. I don’t mind doing one drink and having a little fun with a girl. That’s fair, so I don’t feel cheated for the most part except when the one did to me last night which got me raring to go only to be shot down in flames.

In The End

After that little encounter I was slightly turned off. Almost pulled the trigger on another girl but there came a point where I just didn’t much care. I head back to Pattaya tomorrow so will see my usual plethora of ladies. So I didn’t really feel the need to stick my weenie into anything.

Just realize, when you come to Phnom Penh for the first time and you got the hottest girl in the bar, buy her a drink and just point blank ask her, you bar barfine. If the answer is no then move the hell on!