I am running a day behind just because of how I landed and fell asleep and the monger pic of the day being late. So here is a recap of Phnom Penh on day 1.


This trip, being slightly more educated about Cambodia I applied for my evisa which is $35, you take a photo (did a selfie on a white wall), fill out the online form and about 24 hours later you get a visa. Why do this? If not, Cambodia will take a whole damn page out of your passport.

So this time, landed, walked right to immigration, no line and through. Took a piss and my luggage was waiting for me, handed my customs form and off I went into the Cambodian day.

Taxi to the hotel was $12 and check-in was painless and so I was smiling and napping shortly there after which was the post for yesterday was so damn late.

Into the Night

One of the things I needed to do was meet someone to hand off stuff I muled in for him. This then turned into a beer and doobie fest at Red Fox Bar. Then other friends showed up and it turned into a more beer and doobie fest at Red Fox Bar.

Eventually we all figured we were hungry and went off to get a bite to eat at a place around the corner and then start bar hopping. First stop was 104 St.

104 St

I actually like 104 St it’s got a different vibe than the 136 St where I am staying. It’s more laidback and you can get a bit more hands-on with the girls. I can’t list all the bars I went into, I know I was in One Zero Four Bar, Rose Bar, and a few others.

The first bar whose name I promptly forgot had a girl with huge tits, so I was like I am going to see them. They are spectacular. So I finally got her to get them out for me. They were so soft and lovely and she was sexy as hell. Sad part was she didn’t barfine. So one drink to see the tits and punted her.

Rest of the night we were bouncing around and I would grab one or the other but nothing was really ticking off the boxes for me on the 104.

Time to change streets.

136 St

First stop was Candy Bar. Why? To see the midget I banged last trip. I will admit that by this point I was starting to feel the effects of travel and all the doobies and beer. So I think we had one beer in Candy Bar and popped into another bar. Could not begin to tell you because I was flagging by this point.

The boys wanted to continue on and head back to the Red Fox for an evening doobie. I was like, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Why No Pussy

I was mainly more tired than anything. Cambodian draft beer does almost nothing for me. The doobies were good but just me having to get up early to fly, couple that with flying and when I woke up from my nap I had to immediately get moving.

My pace in Pattaya is very different so this was a bit of a change. Plus, in Pattaya I can bounce around on my own, here with a group the dynamics are different so I was just physically exhausted more than anything else.

Before returning to my hotel I stopped Smile the 7-11 of Cambodia and got supplies for the room and then called it a night.

Fear Not

We all agreed to meet today around 3 or 4 and then go out and maybe do a dinner cruise before bar hopping. I will get laid today. Trust me on that. I do love my Khmer girls. Keep reading to figure out how tonight goes for me!