I wrote yesterday’s post while half dead in my bed just going blah from trying to stay up for a the Super Bowl. I finally ventured out into the Phnom Penh night around 7 to get a bite to eat and meet up with the boys.

Let The Games Begin

Met up and had dinner and then just started to wander around. I had to see if I could stay in my hotel an extra night and was told no problem. So I handled that and then got a message to meet at the Office on 118 Street.

The bar is nice but it was too classy for me. I was told that today would be dancing girls, coyote style (clothed) and that the it would be a lot more fun and a bit more interactive.

We bounced to Sensations Bar after that and had a good time. There was a natural titted girl and she was like here look at my tits. Seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do so I was like cool by me. She then starts to milk them and is spraying the bar.

Tiny little thing but it was too early and she was distracted by her phone. I got her a drink for letting me play with the titties but then some other guy came in and I cut her loose. I wasn’t going to take her so might as well let her earn some money.

To The 130

We ended up on the 130 Street and went into Sensations Bar (I think) and we as, a group just sat around bullshitting. One thing I have come to appreciate about Phnom Penh is that the music is superior in the bars. You don’t get the same useless Latin American shit over and over. Bit of a variety.

There was some other bars involved on the 130 but I was quickly fading but soldier on and kept moving forward. Most of them were forgettable and I just kinda kept at it before we moved to the 136.

The 136

We started at the 136 Corner Bar because they had dancers. Well, 2 dancers to be exact but both were sexy as hell, one of the guys in my group bought one a drink. We were next to the stage and were receiving personal attention as I was scoping out their asses. Girls could dance and move. Not something you see in Pattaya where they dance to a beat only they hear. So was nice to watch.

After watching the rotation twice we moved on to the next bar.

I wanted to check out Tiger Bar. So we headed there. There is a ladyboy that I swear to Buddha fooled me the first time I met her. I was like, if the line was going to be crossed, time to cross it. I already had played with her titties a couple days earlier and now I was like time to get my first bj from a ladyboy.

I bought her a drink and even the other guys were like holy shit, thats a ladyboy. I am like yeah. She was showing off her new tits and I was happily playing with them. Finally I just got down to business. I was like how much is your barfine. $12 but you can just give me your line and I’ll just walk out and meet you. Um, no odds of you showing are slim. So then I was like great, how much for you for short time, just want a BJ. She quoted me $50 and I was like, oh hell no! I am not paying you $50 for a BJ you must be high. She wasn’t budging and I was growing increasingly more tired.

I finally said, I’m done. Going to the room to sleep.

11 Hours Later

I woke up 11 hours later. That’s how tired I was. I never sleep that long. At one point there was construction noise at the hotel, I put in my noise canceling earplugs and just went fuck it, I’m going back to sleep and that was the end of that.

Tonight is my last night in Phnom Penh before I head out of the city tomorrow. While I have enjoyed my time, I’m ready to move on out of here. It’s been fun but I need a break. Looking forward to chilling out and just doing a bit of nothing for a bit.

So next stop Otres or Sihanoukville!