After 12 hours of being in transits between taxis, planes, airports, I made my arrival in Angeles City, Philippines.

Bone Tired

I gave it a valiant effort last night but was just too exhausted to do anything. I didn’t arrive in AC until 11PM and this is with landing at 7:30. It took 45 minutes just to get luggage. Then I had to track down a SIM card, call my driver. I took over an hour just to get out of Manila. He was taking side streets and weird alleys just to try and make up time. He was losing his shit on how fucked up it was.

When I finally got to my hotel I was barely awake but I gamely rallied and went out into the night after freshening up.

Korea Town

Since its been so long since I been here it was interesting to see how much this place caters to Koreans now. Like there are Korean mini-marts, Korean restaurants, Korean bars, and so on. Most of the guys I saw were Korean. There are lots in Pattaya and some bars cater to them but not on this level. Granted, AC is much smaller and competing for the biggest spender I can understand.

It was still a bit of a shock to see how much it has really changed into a Korea Town more than say, a Western mongers place. Is what it is and time stand still for no one.

My Mini-Rally

I can’t remember the name of the bars I hit other than Monsoon where I fucked with the Tequila girl endlessly as she tried to sell me tequila without actually having any on her. She pointed to the table where the bottles were. I still wasn’t buying as I hate the shit but it amused me.

At one bar some hottie came over and started to jerk me off under my pants as she licked my leg. I was like damn it, why am I so fucking tired. She could not get Little Spanky to wake up either. I would have barfined but I was exhausted and she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Luckily some guy at another table did something and she promptly bailed and ran that way. Thanks to that dude I didn’t have to get more vigourous in saying no.

I know my final stop was Voodoo and it changed the layout since I was last there. I remember doing an all night bender in there and just stopped in for nostalgia. I could not even finish my beer as I was starting to fade. I watched some guy who was out cold drunk dozing and I was like don’t want to do that. So I just called it a night.

New Day

Today I am meeting up with a friend who lives in Subic and then Lonesome Traveler and his group come in later. So tonight it should be on. I don’t feel like a fucking zombie after sleeping for nearly 11 hours. So hopefully something more to report than it’s Korea Town and I was barely awake.

Might keep the posts going till I get back to Pattaya. Will let you know!