Not sure how much international coverage the Bill Cosby controversy has received. He is a comedian, family man, and social commentator who suddenly has a bit of a dark past coming out of the woodwork. It seems that he has sexually¬†assaulted several women usually using drugs to knock them out. The odds of him doing anything beyond just denying the allegations or making settlements that aren’t public record are extremely high. He won’t do any jail time or any formal investigation be opened. Still, mongers who don’t mind paying for it are the ones that are publicly ostracized.

The concept that prostitution is somehow dirty and a social ill is such a mystery. Paying for sex is deemed as a crime in most countries. It’s either unofficially tolerated or illegal outright and done under the table. We mongers are the criminals. We are the sexual predators. We are the ones engaging in human trafficking. Yet we are the ones recognizing the service and paying for it.

People like Bill Cosby are just a bump in the road. There are tons of guys using drugs and positions of power to exploit women for sexual satisfaction and nothing happens. Try to get a blow job from a girl advertising on an online service and you pick the wrong one you could end up having your life royally fucked as law enforcement wants to embarrass you by publishing your name and charging you for a petty crime. All for just offering real money for a real service.

I don’t care what type of society you live in. Those with money and power have the influence to make the law work for them. For those of us just paying for it like a real person instead of taking advantage of others are just the ones that are made criminal.

If you need me. I’ll be paying for it.