I love chat groups in Thailand. Mostly guys here on holiday with a few expats thrown in to try and steer things in a correct direction. Me personally? I don’t bother much anymore except for something egregious otherwise I toss the suckers to their fates. The newest thing is paying more the same girl that works at at a bar then freelances at night.

4000 to 5000 Baht For A Hottie

I was reading the group and was just sitting on my hands not type you all have went full retard.

To clarify the situation is this. A lot of freelancers are bargirls during the day or just too lazy to work a bar. These are the same girls that you generally pay 1000 to 2000 Baht either out of a bar or Thai Friendly. Suddenly, because they are in a disco they are 4000-5000 Baht hotties?

When the fuck did that happen? You telling me she changed that much? You feel special because you didn’t pay a barfine but paid 4 to 5 times more for the exact same thing? Is the lights or lack thereof in discos make them hotter than the usual whorehouse red or pink that is normal over here?

It’s mind blowing that guys think this way. I’m like, I can be almost comatose drunk and if some Soi 6 girl comes up to me on the rare moments I’m in a disco (only near comatose drunk do I go to them) and she said 4000 or 5000 Baht I would tell her to go fuck herself.

She isn’t any hotter than she was before I was comatose drunk and could have fucked her for the normal rate.

Your Money But Stop Being Stupid

I understand completely that guys come here on holiday. It’s your money. Have at it. Just don’t be fucking stupid when you are can the EXACT SAME GIRL for far less if you used your brain instead of your dick.

Guys think that the disco means something better than a bar and I’m sorry, it’s not. This isn’t just my general hate of them. The reality is drinks are 2 to 3 times more. Dressing up doesn’t get you anything special. My Baht spends just as well as yours and I wear a standard expat wear; t-shirt and shorts and natty shoes. Girls come up to me just as easily as you Mr. Stupid dressed up in your jeans and polo and fancy trainers on.

You aren’t picking up a hottie, you are picking up an overpriced hooker who is going to drink on your tab for at least an hour, try and get you to buy drinks for her friends, then charge you 4000-5000 Baht for the privilege of maybe giving her a drunken fuck that night, and then maybe a shit shag in the late morning/afternoon because you are tired and hungover.

Listen, she knows the game better than you. Want to know why? It’s her job and she does it nightly.

Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain At Your Own Risk

I write this stuff so guys understand just exactly what they are getting into. I’m no Wizard of Pattaya. If anything I’m a cheap ass typical expat anymore.

What I do know is that I deal with working girls more than you. Some who I call friends. They love guys that come in and do the 4000-5000 Baht thing. Why? Easy money. They even call you stupid for being so dumb paying that. Shit, they have bought me drinks with your money. So maybe, thank you!

Living here, I’m trying to help those of you that read this stuff an idea what goes on behind the scenes. The stuff you rarely see because you are here for a few weeks a year. Maybe a month or 2 if lucky. You don’t see it all. Hell, even I don’t see it all but I see enough of what happens to know how it works and what is going on.

Do what you you want but you are better off listening to those of us that see this shit daily than some keyboard hero in a chat group telling you that hotties are roaming the disco that are worth that money. They are the exact same ones you see in the normal bars and online.

In The End

This I tell you, pay what you want. I really don’t give a fuck but honestly, you are being stupid if you think that disco girl is going to be any different than the bargirl she is during the day you are dead wrong.

You are in a town full of hookers, paying above rate just pegs you as a target. You may have a better education and clearly a better job, but these girls are sharks and smell fresh blood in the water. You gentlemen are nothing but fish bleeding out money and they know it. It’s up to you how you deal with the looming shark.

If you take my advice you counter-offer with something reasonable or you can just bleed out money for that hottie. Your choice but in the end, you are just marked stupid and contrary to what your dick and hormones say, she is no hotter than she was in the bar or in the photo on her online profile. It’s still the same girl and you are just paying more for her.