I just realized I screwed up the posting schedule and what should have went live tomorrow went live today and I am technically behind on the pics but life goes on.  It’s been busy here at Monger Travels HQ, mainly me sleeping and getting my fat ass back into shape again before I jump to another country next month.

Here is the deal, some of this isn’t sequencial anymore because I was shit faced most of the time so things are going to jump around.  Mainly it was me drinking and visiting the various bars I patronize.  So I’m not going with highlights of the trip and more interesting moments.

I knew Big Daddy would be arriving in a couple od days and I had to see my sister Nan who I referenced that I finally had incest with.  Nan is a bar girl and works at the Corner Bar on Soi 6.  If any of you degenerate fuckers hurt her I will personally hunt you down and fucking kill you.  I’m deadly serious about this.  While she is a prostitute I don’t hold that against her and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I honestly kick myself for not pursuing Nan more formally than I did but I myself am deathly afraid of hurting her because of my own immoral behaviors.  She understands I’m a degenerate monger and all that, but my biggest fear is her trying to keep up with the pace I keep in Pattaya.  Seriously, when I am there I am living off of 4 to 5 hours of sleep, fueled on alcohol, Thai Red Bull, and mSport which is a Gatorade type drink.  Nan maybe weighs 40 kilos soaking wet and she just can’t keep the pace and I don’t like seeing her suffer.  She knows all this and she knows I seriously care for her and I make sure she is well taken care of when I am in town.  Yes, I’m a big fucking softie but I take care of those that have taken care of me and Nan has and I don’t mean that in a sexual way.

So Pattaya Bound and I were off to the Corner Bar to see Nan and I had a gift for her.  I had purchased a gold and diamond necklace for another girl years ago and I mean years ago as a gift and the girl disappeared off the radar.  So I still had this necklace laying about and I wanted to give Nan something special.  Yes, I realize I bought this necklace for someone else but keeping it around I never found anyone else to give it to and when I was packing I looked at the case the necklace was in and thought Nan.  So once we arrived Nan immediately grabbed me and hugged me and didn’t let go.  Even the other girls were oohing over my presence.  Nam who also works there and can be a bit moody genuinely smiled at me.  We had a bit of a tiff at one point in my frequent visits, mainly me taking pictures down her shirt (Ed: Dumbass).  I made a genuine apology and bought a drink as an act of contrition for my past deeds.  She seemed pleased.

Nan soon finally separated herself from me and shoved some people out of a table and sat me and Pattaya Bound down and off she went to get drinks for all of us.  Once she was settled in I reached into my pocket and brought out the jewelry box and presented her the necklace.  I won’t pretend it cost me a fortune, it was technically a $300 necklace but because I got it on sale, opened a Macy’s account and got additional discounts all in $100.  It is 14 karat gold with small diamond chips.  The way Nan’s eyes lit up when she saw this and I said it was for her you would have thought she won the Thai lottery.  I won’t pretend she doesn’t get gifts from other men because that would be delusional but she was crying all over the place and the other girls rushed over to see what was going on.  They were genuinely impressed with the gift and were giving me the thumbs up.  It nearly broke my heart to see how happy Nan.  Nan gained much face from the other girls for such a generous gift from someone that had no other attachment to her other than my desire to see her happy.  I know that even to this day Nan still wears the necklace as I get reports from Pattaya Bound and Nan herself contacts me.

Nan also scored a new Android phone out of me as well.  This wasn’t planned, I hated the damn phone.  I had bought it off of Amazon new and it was loaded with features but the no keyboard only an on-screen one just pissed me off totally with my stubby fat fingers that I said fuck this.  Nan’s phone had fell into the toilet earlier that week so it worked out for the best.  She got a new phone that competed with the other girls phones that had facebook and all other shit on it and I got to see her be even more happy.  It’s paid off because that same phone contacts me almost daily now.

There is far more to this tale, but that’s another post and content doesn’t write itself.