It was my last full day in the condo before I had to move to a new location for the remaining 5 days in Pattaya. So it was time to start packing up and cleaning up the condo so I could move.

It’s interesting, where I stayed wasn’t the highest end place on earth and it had more than its share of issues but it was “home” for me for the majority of my time in Thailand. I was a bit sad to leave it because I had my stuff setup where I wanted it and how I wanted. Sure it was haphazard at best but it became mine. So cleaning and packing were a reluctant job for me. It signified also that my trip was winding down.

After I was done cleaning and doing the various stuff that makes up normal life over here I got a call from Noddy that he broke the internet at the Butterfly Bar. So I went down to see if I could fix it for him. The interesting part about that was the trip on the motorbike taxi. I am 90% sure the driver was high on something. What I don’t know but he was twitching his head in an erratic manner the entire way. Then at one point in the trip he starts to ask if I was going to boom boom on Soi 6. I informed him not really, there to fix a computer. “Ladyboy smoke good. Smoke to complete.” Well thank you for that helpful tip.

I got Noddy’s internet back up. Was just a simple click and done. After that drinking began in earnest which I knew I should not have done. However, a newbie walked in and that gave me an opportunity to give him a proper Pattaya welcome in one of the hardest drinking bars on the soi.

At some point things move to going to LK Metro for the newbie and gogo hopping there. Finally we moved to Walking St and ended up at Windmill. My tongue was firmly planted in a lovely’s pussy while I was stroking the ass of her playmate. I was enjoying myself tremendously. I think there was a Baby Dolls moment too. Bit fuzzy at this point. Finally ended up at Sweethearts where I had a chat with Nestor and convinced the newbie to barfine some hot girl. Told him to take 2. He declined. I had some sweet thing in my arms but I knew I was too drunk to fuck and with having to move in the morning it wasn’t practical to try and get a gogo girl moving as early as I needed her to move.

So ended another glorious day in Pattaya.