A good blowjob is something that a man needs from time-to-time and I gotta say in Pattaya that is often lacking. Don’t ask me why that is but it is. I have only had 2 so far this trip, one being the Ban Chang girl and the other Ja. So I was on the hunt for a good blowjob and I knew where to go.

Le Poste Bar is located on Soi Lengkee and its very discreet so if you are looking for a giant sign that says BLOW JOBS HERE you aren’t going to find it. Look for a yellow building with French writing.

I ventured forth from Monger Travels HQ – Pattaya to eat but before I did I took a kamagra. Late nights and fucking means you need that extra chemical boost to make sure you have the power you need to get the job done.

Once I arrived at Le Poste I rang the door bell and I was let in by. I took a seat and ordered a water and I was soon hit up by lets just say charitably be described as older and larger woman. Now, the place is dark as shit so I guess I could have selected another girl but to be honest who fucking cares. I am there to get my dick sucked, not fuck or look at her. It’s like going to a massage shop here, you want the older gnarly woman because she is going to know what to do.

Once we played the name game and I agreed to buy her a drink she drops her top and has no panties on. I could have lived without seeing it but hey, again I’m here for a blowjob and the kamagra is making sure my dick is hard so go with it.

She started to play with my dick and then asked if I wanted a blowjob. Well fuck yes! Why do you think I came here?

She said lets go into the back. Ok, can do.

We go into the curtained room. We got drinks delivered and she disappeared to clean up. Another lady walks in and asks if I wanted two ladies. It was tempting but I passed.

Finally mine walks back in and uses the cold fucking wipe to clean my freshly showered dick off and then proceeds to go to town on my dick.

God damn right! A blowjob. By a professional.

She knew what she was doing. Changing up the pace, the suction, the friction. Mixing in some ball licking. All the good stuff a man wants and needs! A good blowjob!

I don’t know how long it lasted and I didn’t care, I knew when the end result would be. I started to pop and she took some in her mouth but let the rest land on me. I was a little disappointed but hey, I got a good blowjob so I was happy as hell.

I just leaned back and relaxed while she cleaned me up.

Once I caught my breath I paid her then headed out to pay the bin. Fuck me! I got jacked for a room and two lady drinks. I wasn’t thrilled with that but live and learn, I didn’t ask the price and I wasn’t going to argue with. But that was 560 Baht I wasn’t looking to pay. Next time I’m just going to get blown at the table itself.

The rest of my day was inconsequential at that point because my balls were well and truly drained.

So ended another glorious day in Pattaya.