To be honest, not the most exciting day yesterday here in Pattaya. I spent most of it in bed with the DVD seller. Girl likes her boom boom. Guess she doesn’t laid that often but she’s smart enough to hold out her hand for payment. First time I did her she told me the most regular sex was from her cousin. I guess incest in the best.

I finally ventured forth into the evening to get something to eat and to look at some naked noms which I have neglected for awhile. I also wanted a blowjob. One of the thing about fucking some of these women is they don’t offer a good blowjob. So I ventured forth looking for Le Postal. I could not remember if it was on Chaiyapoom or Lengkee. I asked Pattaya Bound and he was useless since he has been domesticated. I finally reached out to Furryman who answered just as I walked up to the place, it’s on Soi Lengkee and it was closed because of the King’s birthday. Fuck me!

So it was now what I refer to as Nom O’clock. First stop was Oasis because there is a girl in there with a huge set of naturals. One of the things that Oasis took a hit on is the fact that they show the VAT on the receipt. Look, the beer is 85 Baht during happy hour so who gives a shit if it shows the VAT or not. Its still 85 Baht. Stop bitching.

After happy hour was over I finally bounced to another agogo. I wanted to go to Ninja because its got some good talent but it was closed for the holiday. So I ventured forth into Amethyst which was playing rock music. I had a shark immediately set upon me like I was a guppy to be eaten. This guppy bites back and I quickly punted her. One of the reasons I have come to appreciate agogo’s is that I don’t have to buy drinks. I can stare at noms and not be bothered. The rest of the girls were friendly on stage and I had some fun flirting with them. When the DJ switched back to club music I bounced and made my way to Walking St.

I went into Electric Blue which had some really good talent in it. I was tempted at one point but I remembered I wanted a blowjob more than I wanted boom boom so I tok a pass. Then I went to Windmill and enjoyed the sleazy show there.

One of the things that pissed me off was the fucking Mamasang (her spelling not mine as it says on her shirt) was that she felt the need to keep checking my beer. Look bitch, I paid for it and I have the right to sit here and look at noms. The speed I drink it is my choice. Fuck off. She got the hint when I stared at her in hate.

I finally left there and made my way to Sweethearts and talked to the boys there. Finally Noddy walked in and we left for a more agogos then finally at 3 called it a night.

So ended another day in Pattaya. Now I’m off to find a blowjob god damn it!



Annoying ass mamasang. Picture from Line group.