It was raining here yesterday and considering I was up till 5 Am the night before it seemed a good idea to just lay about the condo most of the day before finally venturing out for something to eat and to see what trouble I could get into.

In Pattaya trouble can find you easily as it did.

I was walking and got a phone call from Aoy which I ignored as I didn’t want to talk to her. So I waited a bit and sent a message asking if she called. She did, only to tell me a mutual friend, Su had shown up and she wanted to see me. Platonic as she was with her boyfriend. It was a new boyfriend from the last one who was a total twat.

So I said I would after I eat.

We were chatting and having a good time when a third wheel showed up, Neung who I figured would cut my balls off for what I did last trip. I pretty much ignored her last trip. She was like I forgot. It’s cool don’t worry.

Aoy wanted me to barfine her so against my better judgement I did and we wandered down to Neung’s old bar and hung out there for a bit. Aoy was getting progressively drunker and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with her so I suggested going home and flagged a motorsai for her. She went fuck you and staggered back to her bar. Ok by me.

I knew my ladyboy friend was working again and I wandered off to see her for a bit. Just a chat to catch up as she was befined the entire month before. It was then trouble reared its ugly head.

In 2010 I met a DVD seller who I tormented until she finally fucked me. Her name was Poo but it turns out its Chompoo (Pink). I ended up fucking her countless times for free and then I started to pay her to get her the hell out of my room.

So in walks Chompoo who made it clear she was very interested in Spanky and to be honest, she’s a good fuck and I was horny. The complication is the ladyboy who will tell the lady that visted me that I went with someone else. Oh well, calculated risk and I do have plausible deniability to some extent because I can she gave me a ride back to the condo.

So we get back to the room and do what two consenting adults do. We did this repeatedly through out the day as well because neither of us felt motivated to do anything. She would doze off and I would doze and read.

When she went to leave she made it clear I had turned her to the dark side and held out her hand. Considering the amount of time she was here and the number of sessions I didn’t quibble and handed her the money.

She smiled, gave me a kill good bye and off she went.

So ended another day in Pattaya.