You ever meet a girl that you paid the barfine on and it was good? Passionate and genuinely real. Then you do it again at a later date and its even better? I did.

I had met up with Pattaya Bound and took him and his lady to Big Buddha in Pratumnak as he had never been. The view is great up there and his lady made a few offerings. Was a good trip to be honest. He had to get back home and he asked what trouble I was likely to get and I told him it was time to increase Thailand’s GDP in the North by donating to the Isan Single Mothers Fund; a trip to the Tahitian Queen.

I have avoided the Tahitian Queen the last few days. One because I was sick and two its expensive. While I have the money to afford it, it’s just not something you can do every day because you will hemorrhage money. Plus, there is more to do than sit in a bar in Pattaya 24/7 regardless of what some may tell you.

I also had every intention of seeing Ja again. It was good last time and I was itching for a boom boom. That and the kamagra I took. So off I went around 5.

I got there and was soon swept upon by the ladies. The little tiny one who I would fuck if I could but not going to piss off Ja at this point, was on me in a flash. I asked were Ja was and she said in the back on the phone. She’ll be out shortly. How any one would alert Ja was beyond me but I figured the Thai Girl Network would handle the delivery of my arrival to her.

Sure enough, no sooner had the little one started playing with my dick and got it hard Ja appeared and gave me a very passionate kiss.

The rest of my harem arrived shortly after and drinks were being ordered and my bin getting progressively bigger by the minute. The government may not be able to boost the economy over here but I was doing my damnedest with a stimulation package! Namely my dick.

We chatted for awhile but I only had eyes for Ja even with the rest of my harem stroking my dick. Fuck this, I could sit here and drink or I could take Ja the hell out. Guess what I did?


I have been reluctant to bring girls back to Monger Travels HQ – Pattaya. It’s a pain in the ass to kick them out. However, Ja was adamant that she wanted the condo versus a short time room. Fair enough lets go.

I gave directions to the motorsai driver and off we went. Ja was like I live around the corner so this is great. I can go back to my room with a short walk after.

We stopped at Family Mart and got some beverages and went back to the condo. I had to look at Ja’s pictures of her life and to be honest, they were decent and I found it interesting. She has traveled a lot around Thailand. Mostly by guys paying for it but hey, not a bad way to see the country if you can do it.

Finally she got up and walked into the bedroom with a look back of you coming or not? I took that as a hint to go.

I followed her in and it was like last time. We were making out like teenagers. There is something just sexy about her that rocks my world. Don’t ask me why but its there and I like it.

I could go into specifics of the pregame antics but holy hell, the girl is good with her mouth. I could have happily finished then but being experienced she knew. So she stopped and was like shower. Fuck! She was keeping me on edge and it was more erotic to go with it.

She goes and showers first and I follow. I get of the shower with her sexy ass just waving at me. Look, the girls worry they are too brown over here, but holy shit that sexy tiny brown ass just waving at me with a come and get it look was too much for me. I wanted it.

I figured I return the favor to her on the oral side of things and went to down. To this day I thank the lesbian that taught me how to eat pussy. Ja was very much into it and was thrashing all over the bed. I believe I could have gotten her to squirt if I used a finger but some girls are freaked by that and to be honest my nails need to be trimmed so I left it alone. She shoved me away after about 15 minutes panting for breath.

She then looked at me and shoved my back against the wall and said your turn.

She climbed on and it was a rodeo. The bed was slamming against the wall and floor. The neighbors had to know what was going on. The rhythm and pace changing with her desire. She was in control and I was just there.

She would change her body position bringing new waves of pleasure. If she got tired she would lean in and kiss me passionately. Her juices dripping down on me as she was sopping wet. When she was rested she would shove me back and start in again. Using her muscles to clamp her pussy on my dick. Moving her body to give me a new sensation.

This was raw and passionate sex.

We went at it for at least 30 minutes. Her in control the whole time. She would bring me close then back off. She had me on edge crying out for release. I was loving every minute of it and so was she. She had multiple orgasms and based on the puddle in my lap and the sensation on my dick she wasn’t faking it.

Finally she pushed me over the edge with me blowing my load all over my legs and her ass. She collapsed into me. We both gasping for breath.

It was intense.

We finally looked at each other and kissed again then she reached for a towel to clean up the mess.

We finally snuggled and talked about life in general. Meaningless banter between two people. She wanted round two but I was spent and could not go again.

This was one of those rare sessions that you put everything into and you are so sexually satisfied that you are afraid the followup won’t be as good. Even with the kamagra in me I knew I was done. Ja knew it too. She just liked teasing me.

We cleaned up and I walked her to her room around the corner.

The rest of evening irrelevant because I had hit my high. It was good. It was very good. A part of me regretting parting with her but I knew in my mind it was for the best. In the back of my mind would it be that good again? Do I really want to fall for a Thai lady this late in the trip? The answer was maybe to one and no to two. So off I went into the evening.

So ended another day in Pattaya.



No she doesn’t. Trust me.