Is it possible to have a quiet evening on Soi 6 here in Pattaya?

One of the things that has changed in Pattaya is Soi 6. It’s no longer a sleazy short time destination. It has become more of a party zone where you can fuck. This lends itself to getting royally drunk and maybe fucking.

With me coming off a round of food poisoning I didn’t want to get royally pissed. I wasn’t going to abuse my stomach that way but I felt like an evening on the 6 versus gogo hopping.

So when I get to the Butterfly Bar I found Noddy and crew in full swing. I no more than sat down with my dinner (I admit I got McDonalds as a quick and easy) I had a shot of Tequila Rose sat before me. Fair enough, I can deal with that.

It was then that when my boon companion from the evening before comes to me with the Lucky Dice game. With the alternate rules at the Butterfly Bar (not explaining) used I easily won. Next thing I know I have a Ali Bomb sat before me. Fuck me!

For those not in the know, the Ali Bomb is 4 shots of vodka and 1 shot of Jager.

I tried. I really tried but the rot gut vodka used in it just makes it taste fucking horrible. One sip and I about puked right then and there. Considering I had it bought for me I felt obligated to try and drink it.

During this the cashier, Mint who was blind drunk on Ali Bomb’s (her day off) is not what you call the most coherent or happy drunk on two legs. She starts going off on me about drinking it and I finally just said fuck off.

I got someone to bring me a beer so I could chase this nasty shit down. I tried again and my stomach said “I double dare your dumb ass.”, and I knew I could not.

Da finally saw I could not do it and my stomach was raging. She came over and grabbed the glass and took it away. I have never been so relieved in all my life.

At this point I knew I needed some antacid for my stomach and of course I left mine at home. So another trip to the pharmacy and I picked some up. Da who was complaining of the same issue was offered a tablet and she gladly accepted it.

By this point the heavy drinkers were contemplating taking over the world and wandered off to another bar. So I had a few minutes to let the tablet kick in and settle my stomach. I don’t think I have ever been so relieved to take a tablet in all my life.

I just chatted with the ladies and watched the world walk by on the 6 until the heavy drinkers came back. They wanted to go pickup a lady one of them knew at Rasputin’s which is a high end massage place located on Soi 3 as they call it but we would call it Soi 5 and to be honest, its Soi Dragon. It’s confusing if you don’t know where it is. Since they didn’t know where it was but I had been there before so I offered to take them. I wisely left my bin open at the Butterfly Bar so I could use that as an excuse to escape before they started to drag me into their drinking net.

I escorted them up and as I predicted the minute they saw the bar inside they were dragging me into their world. My strategy worked and I said I had to go back and pay bin. I hauled ass out of there.

Got back and things had calmed down some what but I had to deal with a flurry of emails pertaining t o Monger Travels HQ – America. Mostly with them costing me money of one sort or another. Yay!

During this Mint, was now abysmally drunk sits down next to me and wants a drink.

Umm, no I am busy with selling my condo. Give me a minute.

Who you talking to?

Well Pattaya Bound on Line but this is for my condo.

Fuck him!


Fuck him. Tell him fuck off!

What in the fuck are you talking about?

You took him to Rasputins and he left me here.

Umm? Mint. I don’t have the persons info and please read for your own drunk self that I am doing nothing of the sort.

I sorry. I drunk. I normal girl.

Great. Thanks for sharing the obvious except normal.

I sorry.


Buy me a drink.

Fuck off.

Which she did.

I finally finished up my condo business and heard about Pattaya Bounds family night out at the movies. I moved into I can drink mode but with the caveat that I had to go back and make a phone call to pay for the work being done back home.

Talked to the girls who were pretty listless after drinking endless quantities of Ali Bombs. One told me she did 5 yesterday. Thats a total of 5 shots per drink. Thats insane. Another told me they make 150 Baht per drink when its an Ali Bomb. I said not worth it. Fuck that. Your body can’t handle that abuse. One had went to go pass out.

I’m all for buying the ladies drinks. I’m all for having a good time. What I really don’t like is forcing shit on someone. I will happily go along with the party if I don’t mind drinking something but the Ali Bomb is death in a glass.

I talked to Noddy about it who was equally has shattered from multiple Ali Bombs. I was like dude, you can’t keep doing this. It’s going to kill you and the staff. He nodded but he’s gotta make money too on the bar. It’s a catch-22. I just know personally, I’m out of the Ali Bomb drinks at this point. Maybe I’ll make a Spanky Bomb, go get what the hell you want and enjoy it.

During this I was getting hit up by Aoy that she would like to barfine me. I like Aoy a lot. I enjoy spending time with Aoy because she has a personality. However, I have gotten tired of paying for Aoy to go out and drink on my Baht with limited action because she’s hungover or I am. So I laid it on the table that I had shit to do tonight and that I would come pay her bar if she wanted but we were going back to the condo. Me to make my call and her to get ready to fuck when I finished. If she was game for that then I would go pay the bar. If not I understand as we all make our choices. She took a pass. I was neither shocked or disappointed. I knew the game that was being played and while I enjoyed it; was time to end it.

At that point the evening wound down. The bar was quiet and I was still answering some emails. Noddy was getting ready to close up for the night when 2 guys walked in. I felt sorry for him and the girls because they had to stay until they left. Me personally, I would have booted them if I was the manager. Since I wasn’t I went back to my condo, made my call and then said night.

Such ended another glorious night in Pattaya. Quiet? Not really. Entertaining to some extend? Yep.


I attached some pics for you degenerates.

The affects of a Ali Bomb.

The affects of the Ali Bomb.








Rumor has that it is true.

Rumor has that it is true.