I knew it was going to happen and I have had a hell of a run here in Pattaya but its finally caught up with me, I got sick from something I ate. My likely suspect was a plate of noodles and chicken. I should have said no when I requested pork and didn’t have any. Pork and chicken are staples over here and it should have been a warning that the restaurant wasn’t top quality.

Since you guys get these the same day I write them I woke up feeling a wee bit worse for the wear after the hard night of drinking. Now, the signs I was getting sick were there that night but with the amount of alcohol I consumed it was easy to ignore.

The next morning, the hands shaking wasn’t the only thing, my stomach was doing flips and it made itself known in no uncertain terms things which ways things were going to go.

So while editing all the images from the impromptu photoshoot I was making frequent trips to the toilet. I really wasn’t in the mood to eat anything as my stomach was saying no more.

Plus it took nearly 4 hours to edit all the images and by the time I finished it was 5 and I needed to do some other stuff. So I didn’t venture out till after 7 for something to eat.

I attempted Subway as a good neutral place and felt fine enough to go look for a blow job bar that I know roughly where its located. No luck there but by the end of the walk my stomach said I needed to get to the pharmacy for some drugs.

I got some antacids and some anti-gas and took them. Went into Oasis Agogo and ordered a beer and to look at some noms. My stomach had other ideas and a trip to the toilet was required. I knew I was done at that point. Check bin.

I then went to another pharmacy and got the Norfloxacin to kill whatever was in my system and back to Monger Travels HQ – Pattaya. I was done for the evening.

I had Aoy wanting to come and nurse me back to health but to be honest I was in no mood if I had a relapse to have her in the room while I am blowing up the toilet.

So ended another glorious day in Pattaya.