I could write about mongering and more of the stupid shit I see over here or the fact I have Aoy talking to her sister on her phone while I write this. But none of that matters. Lets talk about some practicalities of living here.

One of the realities of being in Pattaya and being mobile is the fact you have to drive. In my case I rented a Honda Click and it has been a faithful and trusty steed during my stay here. Having ridden previously in Pattaya I know what to expect and I have become a more confident rider.

It’s not unusual to ride into oncoming traffic or have a rider approaching you. The horn is used as a warning that I’m coming up behind you. You weave, you dodge, you zig and zag a lot to avoid the mundane such as a road hazard to some fucking Baht Bus driver pulling out in front of you are into your lane. I used the word lane. That was funny. They are suggestions.

You get used to it all and it makes sense and works.

The one thing that will happen is you will have an accident. It’s a gimmie. How bad the accident is depends on circumstances.

I had my accident yesterday.

My well documented piss poor sense of direction is what caused it and I disclose it so you understand something of what it is like over here.

I was looking for a temple complex and I was going through various sois trying to find it. I knew visually where it was but not physically. First soi I went down no problem. Very cool Thai living area. The next soi led to a dirt lot. I realized immediately that this was not the temple. I go to make a quick u-turn and thats when shit hit the fan.

Stray dogs and cats are a reality over here. You get used to seeing them. Most don’t give a shit about you but then there are some that attack anything.

So when I went to make a u-turn this pack of fucking large dogs comes chasing after me. Yes, I panicked and gunned the bike to get the hell out of there before they started to maul me. If you look at the average state of a soi dog you don’t want anything to do with them. So it was my health I was concerned about.

When I gunned it and being on dirt I lost control of the bike and ended up crashing down. This actually worked out and the dogs backed off in shock as I went flying and the bike went flying too. No time to worry about shit I immediately jumped up and got the bike right again and just got out of there. The dogs started chasing me again.

I got off light. Very light.

I have very minor road rash on my arm and a nice bruise where the bike came down on my leg. The bike has some cosmetic damage, where the paint is scratched. Nothing serious for either of us.

I will fully admit to being rattled by the encounter. I found the temple I was looking for and took a bit to email the owner about the bike along with pictures. Then went off and explored the temple. It help get me calm and re-centered.

I road back to the condo and just chilled out for the rest of the day.

I saw Scubabum after his accident. I have seen dead bodies on the road. The local news is filled with gruesome images of bodies laying on the streets.

It’s life in Pattaya. Stay safe.