This was the day Big Daddy finally arrived.  I already had our day planned out and that meant going to the Tahitian Queen and getting drunk and eating chicken fingers and drinking cold ass beer while listening to good rock music which are rare in coyote or gogo clubs in Pattaya.

So we are all waiting around knowing what time the flight was due to arrive but it turns out he was delayed in Taipei and then had to wait to clear through customs which took an hour or more.  So sitting there hanging around the Kilkenny while drinking and shooting the shit was about all we I was doing.  Finally the bastard showed up and off we went to the Tahitian Queen (TQ).  Big Daddy is in love with a girl in there who he swears if he lived in Thailand would be the future Mrs. Big Daddy if there was time.  She is a cutie and has a great personality but not my type and while I have a bad habit of poaching Big Daddy’s girls she isn’t in the list.  So we stuck to the plan which consisted of us getting drunk and having a good time.  We kept comparing check bins to see who would win the tournament of pricing and Big Daddy won even with me ordering food!  Lady drinks in the TQ are brutal and between me, Big Daddy and Udubfan we had a harem working and while none of us were planning on barfing it’s nice to have some hot women rubbing on your for a few hours for the measly price of $40 including the food and drinks.

After that I believe we wandered down to Soi 6 and I stopped and saw Nan at the Corner bar as is my tradition and Big Daddy got to meet Chinqua (yes her real name).  She is shaped more like a Dominicana than a Thai so we promptly renamed her Shaniqua and by the time I left even the girls were calling her that.  While Big Daddy may have had me beat at the TQ, I will always win out in the Corner Bar and after dropping a few thousand baht there it was time to head to the Bee Bar.  There I had to meet and greet Gigi, now I have had sex with Gigi and she is the tightest thing I have ever had in my life but this time there was zero attraction.  Maybe because I know Pattaya Bound barfined her.  So we ended up drinking there and met Spike the cleaning lady who will appear later in the reports.  I have no idea what Spike’s name is but because her hair was spiked up we just called her Spike.  So after a few hours of shooting pool and getting drunker Gigi asks if she can come with me and it seems like a good thing to do at the time so I paid the bar and off we went.  I’m sure we stopped a few places more for drinks during this time but I have no recollection but we all ended up at the Billabong and ended up hanging out with Michelle and Gigi, I was honest and said yes, I fucked both of you so move on.  Michelle, being the professional that she was and seeing how Big Daddy was hitting on her, gravitated towards him and I stuck with Gigi.

I have no idea what time the night ended or what happened but I know we all finally went to bed at some point but I was obliterated drunk and so was Gigi.  This is a bit of a pattern in my relationships in Thailand, I make sure the girls get to bed in some shape and I never demand sex and offer them the option to sleep with me or go back to their rooms.  Since I have known Gigi and know something about her health, seeing that she has hyperactive thyroid disease the girl loves a good aircon unit more than anything else.  Even in her intoxicated state and knowing my room she opted to stay with me and my aircon.  So we get to my room with my aircon set at a nice 25 Celsius (77 fahrenheit) she immediately walks over and turns that bastard down to 18. I offered her a shirt and she was like hell no.  I promptly put one on knowing even with all the Kamagra in Thailand I wasn’t fucking this night and turned out the lights and went to bed.

The next morning I remember waking up at a reasonable hour without me head being on fire so I guess I wasn’t that bad off and started my morning ritual of taking enough tablets of various medical veracity to kill a Elephant and checked my email while my bed mate slept through all this.  Knowing Gigi for 5 years now I don’t really worry too much about her and seeing how I was bored watching her sleep I texted the various degenerates I knew to see who was up and finally go ahold of some people for breakfast.  I did the usual morning ablutions in the bathroom.  Nudged Gigi awake and said I was leaving, you staying or going?  Staying.  Fine, lock the door on the way out, leave a tip for the cleaning lady and tell them to clean the room when you go.  Ok was mumbled and off I went.  I got a txt around 4 or 5 that afternoon telling me that all was taken care of and she was at work.

So ended another day in the life of Spanky in Pattaya.