As was my norm for most days I had a pattern, wake up, check email, post on the site, take a shower, kick Michelle at of bed, wait for her to take a shower then depart to some bar of dubious origins.

Big Daddy texted me and said he was at Champagne Agogo getting his freak on and that I needed to get my ass in there as he was 5 beers up on me and and felt lonely.  So I did what any good wingman does, got my ass there.  Eventually Scubabum, Pattaya Bound, Udubfan and I were all there at one point and Big Daddy and I were feeling pleasantly buzzed.  Now, Champagne is unique in the world of Pattaya Agogo’s in that it opens at 1 PM and from 2 PM – 9 PM they have happy hour which means all beer is 65 baht.  So it was a damn nice place to sit and look at some hot ass while getting pleasantly toasted.

They tend to play the same hit’s rock/pop music and if you listen close enough you realize it’s not the original artist.  They are damn close but not exact.  The day we were all in there they played YMCA and like complete idiots that we were we decided to do it ourselves and suddenly you had 4 degenerate mongers doing YMCA in agogo.  Big Daddy was the Y, I was the M, Pattaya Bound the C and Scubabum the A.  We were a huge hit and the high point of entertainment for about 4 minutes.  Every time we walked in they asked if we would do it again for them but sadly we would be missing a letter as usually it was me and Big Daddy.

Well as me and Big Daddy became “regulars” we had our usual server who got very lucky off because of Pattaya Bound.  He was nailing some chick out of the Marquee Bar and it was past his birthday but I paid the barfine for him but things went sour because the girl found another girls hair in his bed.  So she freaked out and left.  When I saw Pattaya Bound again he handed me back the 300 baht that I had paid. I didn’t want it as a gift so the server who had taken real good care of me (ED: Brought him beer promptly) was instantly handed 300 baht.  Told her she had good luck in Thai.  You would have thought she won the lottery.  I guess in a sense she did, the Spanky lottery.

I am rambling because this all happened over the period of several days but Big Daddy and I being the regulars that we were became infatuated with a couple of girls.  One Big Daddy barfined for a short time and one named Jeab who I wanted to do awful things to but she was giving me the run around.  She had blond hair.  I had a thing for blonds this trip I guess.  Jeab would not get naked on stage and I wanted to see her tits so bad it hurt and the girl was a fucking tease like you would not believe.  We could not work out a time that she was willing to do a short time for but I would buy drinks and weasel my way into copping cheap feels of her ass and tits while she made sure my dick was rock fucking hard.  She told me when she was leaving work for at least 6 months and I could be her final fuck, but by that point I had moved on since I had seen her tits and I knew the expectations weren’t going to add up to the reality but damn she was fun.

After that I would wander in to Champagne every day or every other day and hell, even the door guy would give me the hand shake and fist bump as I entered.  My last memory was me and Pattaya Bound sitting in Champagne with me having to level out because if I didn’t have 3 or 4 beers I would have the fucking shakes from alcohol withdrawal and we sat and watched some boxing match then some shit-tacular MMA.

So if you are in Pattaya and it’s 2 PM and you just want to sit in some cool aircon and watch some naked titties bounce in front of you head to Champage Agogo on Soi LK Metro.  Same guy who owns my beloved Kilkenny Guest House also owns Champagne, yes, I have their ads on my site, but no I don’t collect a fucking cent from them in advertising.  It’s just a good place to enjoy some music, have a cheap drink, and get your freak on.