When this one goes live I will be in an Uber heading to the airport to catch my flight to Panama. I will be meeting Senior Professor Lee who will already be on the ground and I’m sure will be napping doing important field research.

What to Expect

This isn’t going to be a typical mongering trip. Panama isn’t wired that way anyways. It’s a much slower pace with evening activities versus 24/7 venues for getting your freak on.

I will be doing mostly tourist shit as I have a personal agenda that is based around photography because Panama City is very cool. So during the day I will be playing tourist and at night I will be Habanos and maybe the Veneto to see if they still have any action over there. Might see if I can tempt the Professor out for a strip club run. Last time I was in Panama I nailed a Jamaican which was unexpected but fun.

No Trip Report

Not going to do a running trip report because no one gives a shit about my days walking around with a camera. I get it’s boring. So I’m just going to post some stuff that I have collected off the internets that I find interesting. It’s better than me speaking about shot selection and how I may or not have gotten laid on a particular night based on how tired I was or wasn’t.

When I Return

I’ll do a wrap up when I return from Panama that will give a decent overview of the mongering available in Panama. Maybe¬†I’ll twist Senior Professor Lee’s arm into writing up something as well since he is far more of a veteran of Panama than I am.